View Full Version : Giants Say They Have New Wrinkles In Defense To Help Corral Redskins' RG III

10-19-2012, 06:16 PM

Excerpt: "Chase Blackburn noticed it on Tuesday, as soon as coaches started presenting their game plan. The middle linebacker recognized pieces of the defense his Giants would use to counteract the Redskins’ option offense, saw the same fundamental schemes his team had used in weeks before.

“We had some new wrinkles,” he said Thursday. “But still, the principles, there’s a lot of principles that are the same.”

The entire Giants defense has felt that same sense of familiarity throughout this week, as Big Blue prepares to face Robert Griffin III.

He presents a dangerous challenge to the Giants defense, a dual-threat QB who commands an option attack that churns out 394 yards per game.

But the Redskins’ wunderkind does not present a new challenge.

The Giants will enter MetLife Stadium on Sunday having faced - and prepared for - two other option quarterbacks in their first six games this season. And that, Justin Tuck said, has the Giants feeling “we’re a little more confident, because we’ve seen those option things.

“It’s a lot of carryover, but we’ve got our tweaks in,” the defensive end said of this week’s game plan. “We’ve got some things to kind of throw them (the Redskins) a curveball, too.”

“Everyone is probably a little bit comfortable seeing it,” added cornerback Michael Coe.

Few NFL teams run the option, but the Giants have seen a steady diet of it the last few weeks. In Week 3, they got their first glimpse when they faced second-year QB Cam Newton in Carolina. And last week, they crushed a 49ers team that utilizes an option package for its backup QB, Colin Kaepernick." Read more...

10-19-2012, 06:32 PM
The option is fairly easily foiled once you know it's coming, like the wildcat...

10-19-2012, 06:34 PM
The option is fairly easily foiled once you know it's coming, like the wildcat...

That sure did fizzle out

10-19-2012, 06:36 PM
I have all the confidence that the defense is not going to fall for the wishbone or option offense that Griffin runs. The Giants are going to hit the qb no matter what and put and end to that crap. RGPEE is going to have to out duel Eli from the pocket and with his main wr out he will not be able to ( he wouldn't be able to even with him). I don't want to sound over confident about this game but I just think RGPEE is going to have a long day in this divisional game. This will be his rude awaking what a real defense can do to stop what he likes to do best. Teams will figure him out and it starts with us.