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10-21-2012, 04:47 PM
I know i know we'd rather kill gilbride (who for once i was upset with) or kill eli or be mad at all the rush yards - OR WE COULD CELEBRATE BEATING ONCE OF THE GREATEST ROOKIE QB'S TO EVER PLAY THE GAME (read that again - not the greatest q - one of the greatest rookie q's - so dont freak out).

Yep Gilbride called his classic stinker against the skins - so much passing not enough AB - but again top 5 offense every year - and we won.

Eli - Not his best game but when it mattered he found CRUUUUZZZ - the guy is jeterian and i hate the yanks, but still CLUTCH. Not seeing the LB on the out was horrendous - but man eli has built up enough credit that you gotta let some go.

JPP was a beast - they credit him with 1 sack but should be two - are they calling the play rg3 fumbled a run? Shouldn't be.

OSI and Tuck - played pretty well - Osi stayed in his lanes and got a sack - Tuck was active 6 tackles and a sack.

Hosley - First time all year our nickel was beat - i mean beat deep - learning experience for him from a vet like santana.

Fewell - clamped down on Morris ion second half. So tough to understand how to attack this O - You have to respect run on every play - but they forced to's and made enough plays to win.

Chase - He is far to slow and lacking athelticism to be out there - BUT HE IS ALWAYS AROUND THE BALL -and his strip on moss was HUGE. Just makes plays - and yes he misses many too.

Bennett - big day - but i dont agree with aikman i think the unicorn was supposed to finish that route - he sat down - Id like to hear what that was - who saw what and who was right.

AB - man he was terrifyingly fired up - would have liked to fed him more - but maybe his spirit is what we needed to not take the skins lightly - THAT SAID it came down to turnovers.

Brown - Not the athelete phillips is - sometimes late in coverage - but man does he know how to make plays on the ball.

WE WON - GAMES IN THE NFL AREN'T GIVEN TO YOU - BE HAPPY AND QUIT COMPLAINING - 5-2 FIRST IN EAST. Sorry, i mean fire gilbride, fewell is garbage - eli was awful and we are just lucky every single year over and over again

10-21-2012, 04:49 PM
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