View Full Version : NFL.com: New York's Martellus Bennett Jokes Tony Romo

10-24-2012, 11:35 AM
LINK (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000084612/article/new-york-giants-martellus-bennett-jokes-tony-romo)
Martellus Bennett apparently loves to tell a good Tony Romo joke. The New York Giants tight end made an appearance Wednesday on "Good Morning New York" on WNYW-TV to talk football and practice his short-range catching ability. When co-host Dave Price threw a football across the set that bounced short of his intended target, it reminded Bennett of his former teammate.

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"Kinda looked like Tony Romo throwing that ball," Bennett said, via LarryBrownSports.com.

He repeated himself when asked to clarify.

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10-24-2012, 11:37 AM
love sarcasm......