View Full Version : Poor Offensive Production against Dallas / Refs helped Dallas all game long

10-29-2012, 03:46 PM
Thanks to the Defense and Field Goal Unit, the Giants won a squeaker against Dallas. We have got to have better production out of our Offense. Depending on Field Goals are not going to cut it down the stretch. Cruz has got to focus on catching the balls, he had too many drops. Where was Nicks? Our O-line and running game sputtered, and Hixon needs to know where the first down stripe is when it is 3rd and 5 yards to go. I can't really point to one thing on offense and say we did well..... Eli was average at best in the game against Dallas..... even though the INT was not his fault and should have an * placed next to it.

Other observations, the refs gave the Giants a couple of very unfavorable spots during the game. Once came on our crucial last drive when it looked apparent that Bradshaw had picked up a first down and they spotted it about a half yard short.

In contrast, the Cowboys seemed to be getting very favorable spots during the entire game to help them extend drives. It just seemed as if they were within a half yard of the first down marker, the refs were going to look over at the stripe and position it where they were certain to have a first down.