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11-05-2012, 05:52 AM
The best we can say about our running " attack " is that it has been inconsistent. However, we haven't been able to run the ball regularly for 2 seasons now. The O line generally protects Eli very well but pushing D lines off the line to create run lanes often seems difficult for them. They back up well in pass protection its forward gear they can't slip into. AB is a bull dog but the feet/ankle problems are catching up to him. He admits to just getting use to playing in pain. He's a real tough back but 1 day a week practices and being listed as questionable and flat out missing games is a real problem especially when the coaching staff insists on using him as our starting back.We can't seem to fix this problem leaving us kinda one dimensional so when the passsing attack is off we don't move the ball well and have been settling for field goals. No wonder Tynes has such great stats.