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</font><font size="4"><u>NEWARK STAR LEDGER</u></font>

JETS, GIANTS TALK TRASSH, WHILE RES RYAN TAKES JABS AT TOM COUGHLIN (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_giants_talk_trash_while_r.html)

"The first words bandied back and forth between the Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/) and Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets/) came at 11 a.m. today, of course — the
appointed time for Tom Coughlin to meet reporters each Wednesday.

“I just say, regardless of the talk, it will be decided at one o’clock
Saturday afternoon,” Coughlin said. “Talk is cheap, play the game. That is the
way I’ve always believed.”</p>

That’s how the Giants coach prefers it: He would like his team to let its
play on the field do the talking. And that was Coughlin’s attempt to defuse the
hoopla surrounding Jets coach Rex Ryan’s declarations earlier in the week that
his team is better than the Giants and isn’t going to play “little brother” to
anyone. </p>

As it turned out, Coughlin just earned another jab from Ryan.</p>

“Well yeah, that’s the old saying, ‘Talk is cheap, money buys whiskey.’ I
understand that,” Ryan said about three hours later, when made aware of
Coughlin’s comments. “And that’s the truth, but I don’t care about Tom Coughlin
or anybody else. I know what I believe and I don’t care if it’s acceptable and
everybody — I really don’t care. I’m worried about my opinion, this is how I
feel and quite honestly I could care less what anybody thinks.” </p>

Though Coughlin has predictably steered clear of direct banter, a few of his
players engaged in the verbal game today — much of it about trash talk itself.

Brandon Jacobs, who received a degree in sociology from Fairleigh ****inson,
offered his diagnosis of Ryan’s bombastic nature.</p>

“I think they’re trying to fulfill something, put something in people that
may not be there,” Jacobs said. </p>

“Chirp if you want,” said Giants offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie, a former
Jet. “That’s up to the individual that wants to go ahead and talk. I don’t think
it’ll have any outcome on the game itself. </p>

“Unless he’s going to suit up, I don’t really see any difference.” </p>

Coughlin won’t be in uniform either come Saturday, but each coach’s
philosophies have been on full display this week.</p>

“Whatever Coach Ryan has to do to get his players motivated to play, I’m with
that,” said Jacobs, who added he sometimes uses an opponent’s trash talk as
motivation, depending on the situation, and likely would engage more often if he
played for Ryan. </p>

“That’s what he chooses to do, that’s how he handles his team. He and Coach
Coughlin are two different guys that handle their teams differently.”</p>

Since Ryan arrived in early 2009, he has had few secret goals. One of those
has been to turn New Jersey and New York into Jets territory. And this week, he
pointed out how his team had reached the past two AFC Championship games while
the Giants missed the playoffs.</p>

But for McKenzie, that isn’t enough to claim territorial supremacy — not when
the Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl in more than 40 years. </p>

“Which team has had the most recent success in terms of winning a
championship?” McKenzie asked a reporter.</p>

The Giants, the reporter responded.</p>

“Plain and simple, there it is.”</p>

He then continued.</p>

“When you say most successful, have they accomplished the goal of winning a
championship?” he asked, alluding to Ryan’s repeated guarantees of winning the
Super Bowl.</p>

No, the reporter said.</p>

“Well, both teams have fallen short then.”</p>

While Saturday’s meeting will have everything an NFL showdown could have — a
turf war with playoff ramifications late in the season — don’t expect a Jets
takeover anytime soon, no matter the result. Or so says Jacobs.</p>

“They’re going to need a hell of a lot more than this game to make that
happen.”</p>ANTREL ROLLE SAYS TEAM IS FLASHING ENERGY AT PRACTICE (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/12/giants_antrel_rolle_says_team.html)

"After the disappointing <a href="http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/12/giants_loss_to_washington_reds.html">loss
to the Washington Redskins</a> in which they showed little fire at times, the Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/) seemed to be motivated during
today’s practice. During the portion open to the media (individual drills only),
the players and coaches were energetic and encouraging of one another.

It apparently continued for the entire session.</p>

“Everyone was flying around. The energy level was top-notch,” safety Antrel
Rolle said.</p>

“That’s something that we need to have day in and day out and not let it fade
away no matter what the circumstances are.”</p>

Rolle indicated there was a new message being spread this week.</p>

“Just more energy and everybody hold everyone else more accountable,” he

“If you need to pick another guy up a little bit, pick him up. If you need to
critique him a little bit, that’s fine, go and critique him. But we need to as a
collective effort and that’s something (Coughlin has) been putting a lot of
emphasis on this week.”</p>

?In a development that should please Rolle, who said
everyone needs to practice, RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) put in limited time today
after Coughlin indicated he wouldn’t work at all.</p>

Bradshaw had been practicing only one day per week as he manages a stress
fracture in his foot.</p>

Also likely pleasing Rolle was DE Justin Tuck’s practicing and not being
listed on the injury report.</p>

With TE Jake Ballard (knee) sidelined, the Giants need TEs
Travis Beckum (chest) and Bear Pascoe (ribs) to play on Saturday. Both practiced

Beckum said he doesn’t have a break in the sternoclavicular joint, but it was
“too sore” for him to play against Washington. “I didn’t have full range of
motion,” he said.</p>

Pascoe said tests revealed no break in his ribs. He suffered the injury when
he was bent backward by several Redskins defenders after making a catch.
</p>RB D.J. Ware (knee) was a surprise addition to the injury
report. He didn’t practice, though indications are his issue isn’t serious.

WR Devin Thomas (neck) practiced only a few days after being
carted off on a stretcher. He merely suffered a burner, though he wasn’t sure at
first that was the case.</p>

“I’ll say like 2 minutes before I could really get my motions back,” he said.
“It wasn’t severe as I thought it was.”</p>
JETS' PLAXICO BURRESS HOPES TO GET INTO END ZONE AGAINST FORMER TEAM (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_plaxico_burress_hopes_to.html)

Excerpt; "Plaxico Burress wants to win this week's game against the Giants to help the
Jets' playoff chances. The Jets receiver also wouldn't mind putting on a show
against his ex-team.

"I definitely want to get in the end zone once, twice, maybe 3 or 4," Burress
said. "I’m going to try to play lights-out football. My goal is to go out and
play the best game I’ve played to this date, this season, from a personal
standpoint, and more from a what we need as a team (perspective). If we want to
get into the playoffs and make the run that we believe we can, we need to go out
and play our best football."</p>

Burress played four of his 10 seasons for the Giants. After serving a
20-month prison sentence for illegal gun possession, he visited with a handful
of teams, including the Giants and the Steelers, but picked the Jets. This week,
does he hope to make the Giants wish he were still on their roster?</p>

"They know what type of player I am, there’s no doubt about it," Burress
said. "The coaches that are over there, some of the players, they know me in
games like this. When your back is against the wall and all those kind of
things, I think they know what kind of effort they are going to get out of me on
Saturday."
</p>GIANTS' CENTER DAVID BAAS WILL START AGAINST JETS (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/12/giants_david_baas_will_start_a.html)

"In a development that really shouldn't surprise anyone, David Baas will
return to the starting lineup as the Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants)' center on Saturday against the Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets), according to someone informed of the
team's plans for the offensive line.

The person, who requested anonymity, said Baas isn't experiencing any major
issues after practicing in a limited capacity today. He'd been sidelined the
past three games with neck issues that led to intense headaches.</p>

The Giants rushed for 301 yards in the three games without Baas, the
free-agent acquisition who has dealt with <a href="http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/11/giants_vs_49ers_david_baas_mig.html">multiple
injuries and a quick adjustment </a>period this season. Kevin Boothe, who filled
in at center, will likely slide to left guard. Mitch Petrus, the second-year
lineman who has done an admirable job, will head back to the bench.</p>

Of course, things could change if Baas suddenly experiences issues once
again. But for now, <a href="http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/08/giants_deal_with_offensive_lin.html">the
$27.5-million man</a> is on his way back to the middle of the Giants' line.</p>

I repeat: $27.5 million. Though the Giants have done well in his absence, you
don't pay a guy that kind of money to sit on the bench.</p>

* * * *</p>

RB Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) did some work in practice today after all. He was
listed as being limited.</p>

Also limited: Baas, TEs Travis Beckum (chest) and Bear Pascoe (ribs), WR
Devin Thomas (neck) and S Derrick Martin (back).</p>

A surprise addition to the injury report was RB D.J. Ware (knee). It's
unclear how serious his issue is.</p>

Players who also didn't practice: TE Jake Ballard (knee), WR Mario Manningham
(knee), DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle/knee) and LB Mark Herzlich (ankle). Manningham
said he will play.</p>

* * * *</p>

For the Jets, these players were limited: WR Plaxico Burress (illness), DB
Marquice Cole (knee), DL Mike DeVito (knee), RB Joe McKnight (shoulder/elbow),
OL Brandon Mooore (hip) and DB Eric Smith (knee).</p>

WR Jeremy Kerley (illness) did not practice."</p>JETS' COACH REX RYAN: "I DON'T CARE ABOUT TOM COUGHLIN OR ANYONE ELSE, I KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_coach_rex_ryan_i_dont_car.html)

Excerpt: "Earlier today, when Tom Coughlin was asked about the first round of Rex
Ryan's bravado, he offered this: <div class="entry-content">

"I just say, regardless of the talk, it will be decided at one o’clock
Saturday afternoon. Regardless of what is said. Talk is cheap, play the game,"
he said. "That is the way I’ve always believed."</p>
<div class="embeddedMedia entry_widget_large entry_widget_right"><span style="display: inline;" class="mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-photo"><span class="adv-video"><a class="bc_video"><span class="bc_video_overlay"></span></a> <span class="video-data"><span class="title"></span></span></span></span><span style="DISPLAY: inline" class="mt-enclosure mt-enclosure-photo"><span class="adv-video"><span class="video-data"><span class="caption">NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan talks about
Saturday's upcoming showdown with the Giants and makes a case for Jet fans to
wear green to MetLife Stadium. 12-21-11 (video by Tim Farrell/The
Star-Ledger)</span> <span class="view"><a>Watch video</a></span> </span><span class="photo-bottom-left"></span><span class="photo-bottom-right"></span></span></span>


When notified of the "talk is cheap" comments, Ryan once again <a href="http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/rex_ryan_says_if_jets_lose_to.html">defended
the way he's approaching this game</a>. On Monday, he said that the Jets have
undoubtedly been the best team in New York over the last two years and on
Tuesday, Ryan said that if the Jets lose to the Giants the blame would fall
squarely on his shoulders. </p>

"Well yeah, that's the old saying 'talk is cheap, money buys whiskey' I
understand that," Ryan said. "And that's the truth but I don't care about Tom
Coughlin or anybody else. I know what I believe and I don't care of it's
acceptable and everybody -- I really don't care. I'm worried about my opinion,
this is how I feel and quite honestly I could care less what anybody thinks."

Ryan began to drum up fan sentiment for the game, opening his press
conference by encouraging Jets supporters to make it as much of a home field
advantage as possible. He said that the fans will be given white towels to wave
and that he hoped it would be an atmosphere similar to the 37-0 regular-season
finale win over the Bengals in 2009 that propelled the team into the playoffs.

When asked if anyone in a blue shirt should be stopped at the gate, Ryan said
he would normally pop off on something like that, but that he'd hold his tongue
this time.

JETS' MARK BRUNELL COMPARES TOM COUGHLIN, REX RYAN (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_back-up_qb_mark_brunell_c.html)

"Nineteen-year NFL veteran Mark Brunell is one of the few men who have played
under both Tom Coughlin and Rex Ryan as head coaches. The Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets/) back-up quarterback confirmed the
obvious today: Their styles could not be more different.

"There are a lot of differences, but this is a great working environment, as
was Tom's," Brunell said. "Every coach has their own, unique style, and maybe
those guys are on the end of each spectrum. But it's been a real honor playing
for both of those guys."</p>

Brunell is in his second year with the Jets, backing up starter Mark Sanchez.
He and Coughlin spent eight years together in Jacksonville, the starting
quarterback and coach during the expansion franchise's inaugural season. The
Jacksonville Jaguars traded with the Green Bay Packers for Brunell in 1995, and
he would go on to make three Pro Bowls while with the team.</p>

"He was the coach that gave me a shot," Brunell said of Coughlin. "Obviously
I have a lot of admiration for him."</p>

Asked what the coaches' specific differences are, Brunell pointed out that
Ryan is a defensive coach and Coughlin is an offensive coach, which he said
marked the biggest difference for a quarterback.</p>

"There was a time when he was calling plays when I was down there, and so
naturally the starting quarterback gets a lot of time with the guy who is
calling plays," Brunell said.</p>

Brunell called both Ryan and Coughlin "quality guys" and "excellent head
coaches." Ex-Jets and current Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/)
punter Steve Weatherford is another player who has played for both coaches."</p>BART SCOTT SAYS HE COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THE GIANTS-JETS RIVALRY, THAT "IT'S ABOUT GETTING TO THE PLAYOFFS" (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/bart_scott_says_he_could_care.html)

Excerpt: "Bart Scott offered as good a reason as any for not caring about the rivalry
between the Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets/) and Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/) and sticking to a more singular

"Personally, I could care less about that," Scott said. "I spent a lot of
money in the offseason, I'm depending on these playoff checks to get me by.</p>

"I'm just playing, I mean, it's about getting to the playoffs. I could care
less about the Jets-Giants thing, maybe if this was some other time maybe it
would be more important earlier in the season but right now it's about the

The sentiment was laid out by linebackers coach Bob Sutton in the team
meeting today. Offering a bit of perspective, he posed a simple question to his
players — one that had nothing to do with New York/New Jersey supremacy or
territorial bragging rights. </p>

"If at the beginning of the year, Roger Goodell said 'Hey you have two games
to win and you're in the playoffs, would you take that deal?" Scott said. "And
everybody I think had a unanimous yes. Two games to get to the tournament,
that's all you can ask for." </p>

Scott said the team did not feel the need to bury another game ball like they
did following the last time they surrendered 45 points in a horrid, late-season
loss. Instead, the message stayed simple, just like Sutton told them." Read more...
</p>GIANTS INJURY REPORT INCLUDES AHMAD BRADSHAW BUT NOT JUSTIN TUCK (http://www.nj.com/giants/index.ssf/2011/12/giants_injury_report_includes.html)

"After the Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/)’ frustrating loss to
the Washington Redskins on Sunday, Antrel Rolle said players need to practice
through injuries if they want to play on game day. A day later, Rolle insisted
he didn’t have specific teammates in mind — even if only two players fit his
description: Ahmad Bradshaw and Justin Tuck, both of whom didn’t practice until
last Friday.

It looks like Bradshaw will be alone this week. Tuck did not appear on the
pre-practice injury report released today by the Giants — a telling sign for his
chances to play Saturday against the Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets/).</p>

Following Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Redskins, Tuck said he felt
good. During his weekly radio interview on WFAN Monday, he said he’ll play on
Christmas Eve.</p>

“I’m playing,” he said. “I’m done talking about injuries. ...
definitely trying to be Santa Claus on Saturday [for Giants fans].”</p>

Bradshaw and nine other players, however, did appear on the list. All
indications point to Bradshaw participating in the week’s final practice ? this
week, that is Thursday — on a limited basis and playing Saturday.

C Davis Baas (neck) is still on the injury report, as are all three of the
Giants’ tight ends — Jake Ballard (knee), Travis Beckum (chest) and Bear Pascoe

WR Mario Manningham (knee), WR Devin Thomas (neck), LB Mark Herzlich (ankle),
DE Osi Umenyiora (ankle/knee), S Derrick Martin (back) also are on the injury
report."</p>REX RYAN SAYS IF JETS LOSE TO GIANTS, BLAME IS ALL ON HIM (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/rex_ryan_says_if_jets_lose_to.html)

Excerpt: "Rex Ryan chose to approach the team's biggest game of the season — and most
meaningful matchup with the neighboring Giants (http://www.nj.com/giants/) in series history — with the same
level of confidence he has in any other game.

And today, he added that if the Jets (http://www.nj.com/jets/)
lose, the blame will all fall on him. </p>

"I know it's going to fall on one person, and that's the way it should be,"
Ryan said. "It's coming right on top of me and that's fine. And when we win, it
will be about the Jets and that's where I want the attention to be. If we lose,
it's coming right down on me and I can handle it. I hope I don't have to." </p>

It is the same type of big-game rhetoric he used before, making last year's
Indianapolis Colts game a matchup between himself and Peyton Manning and last
year's New England Patriots game Ryan vs. Bill Belichick. </p>

But with a playoff spot likely on the line, Ryan said he's just being honest.

"I think anybody that is in a similar situation would really be (embracing
the game like this). The truth of the matter is, you feel like you have to win
this game," Ryan said. "I feel like I have to win this game because I put it out
there, I want to be the better team in our city. There's no doubt. I want to be
the team that people talk about, that are interested in and you do that by
winning. </p>

"And that's who I want to be, and I want to be the best team in the NFL. It's
not just in this city, but clearly when you have two teams that share the same
name and share the same stadium, it's much bigger than that and I realize it."

<a href="http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_coach_rex_ryan_fires_firs.html">Ryan
started the inevitable back-and-forth Monday</a> by issuing the first batch of
bravado, saying that the Jets have clearly been the better team over the past
two years. He reiterated as much today, saying that he's never gone into a game
feeling below an opponent."
</p>GIANTS-JETS HOT TOPIC, WHO'S THE BETTER COACH: RYAN OR COUGHLIN (http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/giants-jets_hot_topic_whos_the.html)

"One, Jets' coach Rex Ryan, is big, brash and <a href="http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/jets_coach_rex_ryan_fires_firs.html">seems
to go out of his way to stir up trouble, as he did Monday</a>. The other,
Giants coach Tom Coughlin, is smaller, tight-lipped and makes
discipline - his own and others' - a central tenet of his reign. It's tough to
imagine a pair of coaches more opposite in style, yet Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin
share the crucible of the metro region, share a stadium and <a href="http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2011/12/politi_jets_and_giants_to_meet.html">this
week share a game that neither team can afford to lose</a>.<div id="article"><div class="entry-content">

So we ask Giants and Jets fans today, who's the better coach? We'll leave the
criteria and the judging up to you - both to vote in our poll and also to
explain your opinion in comments below - but here are a few nuts-and-bolts
points in comparison.

<a name="pd_a_5777060"></a>
</p><div id="PDI_container5777060" class="PDS_Poll">
<div class="pds-box">
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<div class="pds-question-top">Thank you for voting! </div></div></div></div>
<div class="pds-answer">
<div class="pds-feedback-group"><font color="#0000FF"><span class="pds-answer-text">Tom Coughlin </span><span class="pds-feedback-result"><span class="pds-feedback-per">78.43%</span><span class="pds-feedback-votes"> (578
votes)</span></span> <span class="pds-clear"></span></font>
<div id="PDI_feedback0" class="pds-answer-feedback">
</div><font color="#0000FF"><span class="pds-clear"></span></font> </div>
<div class="pds-feedback-group"><font color="#0000FF"><span class="pds-answer-text">Rex Ryan </span><span class="pds-feedback-result"><span class="pds-feedback-per">21.57%</span><span class="pds-feedback-votes"> (159
votes)</span></span> </font><span class="pds-clear"></span>
<div id="PDI_feedback1" class="pds-answer-feedback">
</div><span class="pds-clear"></span>
</div><span class="pds-clear"></span>
<div class="pds-total-votes">Total Votes: <span>737</span></div></div>
<div class="pds-vote">
<div class="pds-totalvotes-outer"><span class="pds-links-back"></span><span class="pds-clear"></span>

</div></div></div></div></div></div></div>They both win. Ryan is now 28-18 (.609) and in his third season as a head
coach. He is 4-2 in the playoffs, with two straight AFC Championship losses and
some unkept promises on his record. Coughlin is 140-114 (.551) most of the way
through his 16th season, 72-54 (.571) with the Giants. He has a 8-7 playoff
record (4-3 with the Giants) and the 2007 Giants Super Bowl win to his credit.
To our knowledge, he hasn't made any public promises about where the Giants are

So you make the call, and you decide the terms on which you make that call -
who's the better coach, Rex Ryan or Tom Coughlin? Vote in our poll and explain
your vote below."</p></div>
</div><div class="entry-content"><font size="4"><u>NY DAILY NEWS</u></font>
CHRISTMAS EVE GAME BETWEEN GIANTS AND JETS BIGGEST ONE SINCE EPIC 1988 CLASH (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/ny-giants-ny-jets-1988-clash-history-article-1.994649)

Excerpt: "The last time two teams from around here played a game against each other
that mattered, truly, as much as Giants-Jets does on Saturday was Game 5 of the
Subway Series between the Yankees and the Mets. In so many ways, because the
game does matter so much to both of them, this is as close as we have ever had
to the Giants and Jets going against each other in the playoffs, which means as
close as we have come so far to a Subway Super Bowl.<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

So this isn’t about the way the Giants and Jets are playing right now, it is
about the game they play against each other on Saturday.</p>

The Yankees and Mets play each other every summer, but the stakes aren’t what
they will be at MetLife Stadium on Christmas Eve.

The Nets swept the
Knicks in the playoffs in 2004, but the Knicks were nothing that year. Rangers
vs. Islanders was big a long time ago, and we all know what Rangers vs. Devils
was like in the spring of 1994, even if those two teams haven’t played more than
a five-game series since.</p>

By now you know that the biggest regular-season game the Giants and Jets
played before this was Dec. 18, 1988, Ken O’Brien (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Ken+O%27Brien+%28Football%29)
to <a title="Al Toon" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Al+Toon">Al
Toon</a> over Tom Flynn (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Tom+Flynn) with 37 seconds
left, the Jets already out of the playoffs at 7-7-1, effectively knocking the
Giants out of the playoffs that year.</p>

But you better know something else: That some of the most famous New York
Giants of them all still remember that one pretty good.</p>

“Here’s all you need to know about how much that loss hurt,” <a title="Phil Simms" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Phil+Simms">Phil
Simms</a> said Tuesday. “Even though our record wasn’t that great that year
(10-5 going in), I didn’t just think we were gonna make the playoffs. I thought
we were gonna win another Super Bowl.”</p>

Simms: “When we scored (just under five minutes left), me to Lionel Manuel (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Lionel+Manuel) in the
back of the end zone, I thought we’d won the game.”</p>

Bill Parcells (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Bill+Parcells) is more
than willing to pick up the rest of the story from there:</p>

“The first disaster after we score is the Jets getting that big kick return
(out to their 48). After that, the play I still remember best was the pass to
Shuler.” Read more...</p>TEN QUESTIONS FOR THE BIG GIANTS-JETS GAME BY NY BEAT WRITERS (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/10-questions-big-ny-giants-ny-jets-clash-answered-york-daily-news-beat-writers-article-1.994706)

"[i]Jets beat writer Manish Mehta (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Manish+Mehta) and
Giants beat writer Ralph Vacchiano (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Ralph+Vacchiano)
look at the burning issues heading into Saturday’s
<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

1. When it’s all over, who’ll be the bigger star
in New York, Mark Sanchez (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Mark+Sanchez) or <a title="Eli Manning" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Eli+Manning">Eli

Vacchiano: You know what makes a star in this town?
Winning. Looks, personality, magazine covers, the ‘it factor’ – none of it
matters if you don’t produce. Eli Manning won a Super Bowl in dramatic fashion
and now he’s peaking while putting up video game-like numbers, carrying a team
on his back. He may eventually be the greatest quarterback this town has ever
seen. He’s not going to wear pantyhose or date super models or, you know, be
interesting at all. But who cares? He’s an elite player with a

Mehta: Ralph raises a great point: Winning trumps all. That’s why
it’s hard to argue that Sanchez, who is only one of five quarterbacks in the
Super Bowl era to win 30+ games in his first three years as a starter, is not
destined for great things in his career. Manning was an inaccurate,
turnover-prone signal caller before he found his way. Sanchez, meanwhile, has
already won an NFL record-tying four road playoff games in his first two
seasons. Vacchiano is just jealous that he doesn’t have a Dolce &amp; Gabbana
tank top and tight white Gucci pants in his closet like

2. Who would you rather cover, Rex Ryan (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Rex+Ryan) or <a title="Tom Coughlin" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Tom+Coughlin">Tom

Mehta: Put it this way: How many times have you
seen Tom Coughlin wear a wig and stuff a pillow under his sweatshirt at a press
conference? That’s what I thought. Rex Ryan may be the most entertaining coach
in pro sports. He’s engaging, brutally honest and a quote machine. His candor
and bluster make him a walking back page. But don’t be fooled. He’s as smart as
they come. Rex knows exactly what he’s doing, and saying, 99% of the

Vacchiano: Well, I guess it’s hard to beat wearing wigs and making
fun of overweight people — and I’d pay to see Coughlin dress up like <a title="Andy Reid" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Andy+Reid">Andy
Reid</a> — but seriously Manish, didn’t Ryan’s act grow tiresome around Super
Bowl Guarantee #37? How many times can you write the same thing? Coughlin may be
dull and sometimes ornery, but we cover the NFL, not the circus. Yes, Rex is
much more exciting. The run to Super Bowl XLII was pretty exciting,

3. Who has the bigger mouth, Bart Scott (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Bart+Scott) or <a title="Antrel Rolle" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Antrel+Rolle">Antrel

Vacchiano: At the end of the day, Antrel Rolle might
have even leaped over Rex Ryan here, not to mention Bart Scott. Rolle’s weekly
WFAN spots are comedy gold (unintended, of course). Rolle once ripped the
Giants’ travel schedule. He’s hammered injured players for not practicing. He
manages to criticize teammates without ever mentioning their names. He shows
more fire, intensity and passion with the media than the Giants’ defense usually
does on game day. He loves to talk. Come to think of it, how did the Jets not
sign him?

Mehta: Nobody takes greater pride in having the most
swaggerlicious mouth in town than Bart Scott. But he’s taken a decidedly
un-Bart-like approach this year with the media, preferring to “let his pads do
the talking.” Unfortunately, those pads aren’t nearly as entertaining. Despite
the uncharacteristic reticence, Scott’s mouth will likely have plenty of juice
if the Jets make the postseason. "Can’t wait!"

4. Who’s the most
underrated player in New York?

Mehta: Can Brandon Moore (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Brandon+Moore) get a
sniff at the Pro Bowl? The veteran right guard has toiled in virtual anonymity
for years. Nick Mangold (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Nick+Mangold) and <a title="D'Brickashaw Ferguson" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/D%27Brickashaw+Ferguson">D’Brickashaw
Ferguson</a>, both past All-Pro selections, are the offensive linemen that get
most of the ink. Moore is the forgotten man. To steal a Seinfeld-ism, he’s like
the third tenor that nobody knows: Placido Domingo (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Placido+Domingo), Luciano Pavarotti (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Luciano+Pavarotti)
. . . and the other guy. Moore is a run-blocking force with 119 consecutive
starts who deserves a trip to Hawaii.

Vacchiano: If you’re going to argue
for an offensive lineman from the 21st-ranked rushing attack in the NFL, then
I’ll beat you by taking a corner from the NFL’s 29th-ranked passing defense. Corey Webster (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Corey+Webster) played
like an All-Pro in the first half, but gets no publicity because he doesn’t have
his own “Island.” It’s been a rough second half for the Giants’ secondary, but
Webster might be the only bright spot in that mess.

5. Who’s the
most overrated player in New York?

Vacchiano: How could it not
be Mark Sanchez? He gets credit for leading his team to back-to-back AFC
Championship Games when he was just along for the ride, really. This year, while
the Jets have rallied from a hideous Week 10 loss in Denver by going 3-1, he has
averaged 169 passing yards per game. They’re winning despite him. When do we get
to see the big step forward that everyone keeps forecasting for the 2009
fifth-overall pick?

Mehta: Only in New York could a QB with four playoff
wins in his first two seasons be deemed overrated. That’s weak, Vacchiano. Real
weak. The truth of the matter is that Ahmad Bradshaw (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Ahmad+Bradshaw) isn’t
nearly as pivotal to the Giants’ success as Big Blue fans would like you to
believe. He’s seemingly banged up all the time (missed four games earlier this
season) and has a robust 3.9 yards per carry. Other than last season, he’s never
rushed for more than 778 yards. Bradshaw is a quality back in a time-share
situation, nothing more.

6. Who who would you want coaching your
team in a big game, Rex Ryan or Tom Coughlin?

Mehta: Sometimes
Rex’s mouth detracts from this reality: The man can flat-out coach. He has won
some of the biggest games in franchise history during his first two years at the
helm. It’s funny how a guy who has reached two AFC Championship Games in his
first two years as a head coach in this league can be criticized as much as Ryan
has been at times. How many coaches have beaten Peyton Manning (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Peyton+Manning) and
<a title="Tom Brady" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Tom+Brady">Tom
Brady</a> in back-to-back playoff games? Ryan did it just last

Vacchiano: Does Ryan work some kind of Jedi-mind tricks on the
media? Don’t you remember what Coughlin did to Tom Brady and Co. back in Super
Bowl XLII? That whole run was filled with some all-time big-game coaching jobs.
Coughlin is a brilliant football mind and his preparation is second to none.
Sure, he’s had some big-game failures (as has Ryan, in case you forgot) and
those second-half collapses are a thorn. In one big game, Ryan may be the better
master motivator, but I’ll take Coughlin’s prepared, tactical

7. Which maligned coordinator has a better chance of
returning: Jets offensive coordinator <a title="Brian Schottenheimer" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Brian+Schottenheimer">Brian
Schottenheimer</a> or Giants defensive coordinator <a title="Perry Fewell" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Perry+Fewell">Perry

Vacchiano: For better and worse, Tom Coughlin is
loyal to his assistants and it’s unlikely he’ll make a change that would result
in the team’s fourth defensive coordinator in five years. That said, Fewell
doesn’t deserve to be fired. Yeah, his defense ranks 29th, but he’s lost half
his squad to injuries. Also, he’s not the one blowing coverages and missing
tackles. Fewell’s not going anywhere.

Mehta: The Schottenheimer haters
will certainly hate this stat: The Jets have the No. 7 scoring offense in the
league (24.7 ppg). He’s likely safe if the Jets make the playoffs this year.
Schottenheimer has been linked to the Dolphins head coaching vacancy, so he may
leave on his own accord.

8. Which team has a better chance to
make a Super Bowl run?

Mehta: This is the ultimate no-brainer.
The Jets have the playoff experience to make a run to Indianapolis if they sneak
into the playoffs. It won’t be easy, but consider that a possible first-round
matchup against the Texans looms. Does T.J. Yates (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/T.J.+Yates) scare
anybody? I don’t think so. It’ll be a tough road in the divisional round, but
would you be surprised if the Jets played — and beat — the Patriots? I seem to
remember Gang Green pulling that off not long ago.

Vacchiano: This is a
passing league now, and to win a championship you need a championship
quarterback. The Giants have one. The Jets don’t. The Jets’ path to the Super
Bowl might be easier because they won’t have to go through New Orleans and Green
Bay, but the Giants have the offense to stick with anyone. Manning has been on
fire most of the season. If he gets hot again, the Giants can ride him pretty
far. Can the Jets say the same about their quarterback?

9. Who’s
going to win Saturday’s intra-city clash?

Vacchiano: All season
long the Giants have been waiting until the last possible moment to turn it on,
and they’ve reached the last moment because a loss could end their playoff
dreams. They have a big matchup problem with their porous secondary against the
Jets’ receivers, but they have a huge advantage where it counts – at
quarterback. This game will come down to the fourth quarter, and in the fourth
I’ll take Manning over Sanchez by a mile. Giants 27, Jets 24.

Mehta: The
Giants’ defense is absolutely putrid, so look for Santonio Holmes (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Santonio+Holmes), Plaxico Burress (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Plaxico+Burress) and
Dustin Keller (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Dustin+Keller) to have
quality games. The Jets have proven in the past two seasons that they deliver
down the stretch in must-win situations. Manning will face one of his toughest
challenges getting the ball to his receivers on the outside against Darrelle Revis (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Darrelle+Revis) and
<a title="Antonio Cromartie" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Antonio+Cromartie">Antonio
Cromartie</a>. It’ll be a white knuckler, but the Jets will win the (sort of)
coveted Snoopy Trophy. Jets 24, Giants 20.

10. Is this a Jets
town or a Giants town?</p>

Mehta: There’s no debating that the Giants have had a more successful and
rich tradition, but we live in a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately society.
There’s no doubt that Rex Ryan has captivated this town in his three seasons in
charge. The Jets are back-page gold, always colorful and entertaining. Oh, and
they’ve won four playoff games in Ryan’s first two seasons. The bottom line is
that younger fans gravitate toward the Jets.

Vacchiano: You know, Manish,
I’m happy to cede the back pages to the Jets. The Giants had their fill of them
in 2007. But can the Jets please win something before we paint everything green?
It’s been, what, 43 years of false starts and broken promises? Hype and flash
can get a lot of attention, but substance still matters. A team can’t talk its
way into a city’s heart. At some point, it needs to walk the walk – right down
the Canyon of Heroes, like the Giants did four years
</p></div>JUSTIN TUCK IS EXPECTED TO PRACTICE TODAY (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/ny-giants-justin-tuck-expected-practice-wednesday-preparation-upcoming-game-ny-jets-article-1.994716)

Excerpt: "Antrel Rolle (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Antrel+Rolle) will be
pleased.<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

Justin Tuck (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Justin+Tuck), who has
battled through injuries all season and missed most of practice last week
because of an injured toe, is expected to practice with the Giants Wednesday. He
was not listed on the pre-practice injury report the team issued on Tuesday,
meaning they expect him to be ready to go.</p>

That list is subject to change since the Giants weren’t required to release
an official report after a light practice on Tuesday. It’s interesting, though,
considering how hurt Tuck looked on Sunday and how Rolle ripped into some
unnamed injured teammates after the loss to the Redskins for not practicing
during the week, but playing on Sunday.</p>

Rolle never mentioned Tuck specifically and said the next day his anger
wasn’t directed “to anyone in particular.”</p>

Even if Tuck is back, the Giants will still have plenty of injured players on
the sidelines. All three of their tight ends are on the injury report – <a title="Jake Ballard" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Jake+Ballard">Jake
Ballard</a> (knee), Travis Beckum (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Travis+Beckum) (chest)
and Bear Pascoe (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Bear+Pascoe) (ribs).
Ballard is not expected to play against the Jets on Saturday.</p>

Also expected to either miss practice or be limited are: C <a title="David Baas" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/David+Baas">David
Baas</a> (neck), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Ahmad+Bradshaw)
(foot), LB Mark Herzlich (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Mark+Herzlich)
(ankle), <a title="Mario Manningham" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Mario+Manningham">WR Mario
Manningham</a> (knee), WR Devin Thomas (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Devin+Thomas)
(neck), S Derrick Martin (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Derrick+Martin)
(back), and DE Osi Umenyiora (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Osi+Umenyiora)
(ankle/knee). Umenyiora is not expected to play against the Jets either,
according to a source.</p>

The investigation into allegations
that Giants LB Michael Boley (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Michael+Boley)
abused his 5-year-old son has apparently just begun, according to <a title="Jimmie Harp" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Jimmie+Harp">Jimmie
Harp</a>, the District Attorney in Etowah County, Ala.</p>

Harp told the Associated Press on Tuesday, “We’ve just been presented with
some allegations that there was some child abuse inflicted on one of his kids
here in Gadsden (Ala.).” Harp added that the accusations were made by the
child’s mother, and that he has not yet interviewed Boley.</p>

Boley’s lawyer told the Daily News on Saturday that the mother never brought
up the allegations during a child support hearing and has not asked authorities
to restrict Boley’s visits with his son.</p>

Victor Cruz (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Victor+Cruz) has 1,194
receiving yards and needs just 150 in the final two games to break <a title="Amani Toomer" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Amani+Toomer">Amani
Toomer</a>’s club record of 1,343 (set in 2002). But Hakeem Nicks (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Hakeem+Nicks) is only
98 yards behind Cruz with 1,096 receiving yards this season. He needs 248 yards
to break Toomer’s mark."</p></div>JETS LEARN THEY MAY NOT FEEL AT HOME ON SATURDAY AGAINST GIANTS (http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-fear-feel-home-saturday-giants-article-1.994692)

Excerpt: "By late Tuesday afternoon, there were 2,345 tickets left on sale for the big
game Saturday on StubHub, priced at anywhere from $38.50 to $6,050 apiece. There
were another 1,277 available on eBay, and then 1,998 remaining on NFL Ticket
Exchange, selling for anywhere from $199 to $10,000.<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

This is a Jet home game on Saturday, but anybody who pretends to know who
will actually show up at MetLife Stadium is kidding himself. It’s Christmas Eve.
There are bills to be paid, relatives to pick up at the airport, and experience
would indicate there will be plenty of enemy jerseys in the stands, rooting
against the designated home team.</p>

How much do Jet fans love their team? We’re about to find out, around kickoff
time on Saturday, whether Lawrence Taylor (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Lawrence+Taylor) was
right years ago when he said Jet fans are just Giant fans who can’t get Giant

“I hope the Jet fans keep their tickets,” Rex Ryan (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Rex+Ryan) said. “But I
understand it’s Christmas time and all that stuff. If the price is right, I’m
sure it’ll be tough not to let those things go. Obviously, there are going to be
a lot of Giants fans in the stadium, we expect that. At the end of it, all that
matters is that the Jet fans leave the game happy and the Giant fans leave the
game sad.”</p>

But it’s more than that, isn’t it?</p>

For all the pressure on the Jet players to prove they are no longer the
junior varsity around here, there is also a considerable burden on their fans to
demonstrate loyalty to Gang Green and a lack of fidelity toward family duties
and the onrushing Christmas holiday.</p>

Fair or not, the Jets aren’t the only ones expected to step up at the
Meadowlands on Saturday. This is a big moment for their spectator base, which
traditionally is loud, boisterous and notoriously fickle.</p>

“I don’t think he would,” <a title="D'Brickashaw Ferguson" href="http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/D%27Brickashaw+Ferguson">D’Brickashaw
Ferguson</a> insisted Tuesday, when asked if a true Jet fan would sell his
ticket to a Giant fan. “It goes against what Jet fans are.”</p>

Ferguson knows more than a little about that. He was a frustrated Jet fan
growing up in Freeport, L.I., mostly because his brother was a Giant fan and
Ferguson didn’t want to be rooting for the same team. Now he’s going to be
blocking Jason Pierre-Paul (http://www.nydailynews.com/topics/Jason+Pierre-Paul)
on Saturday, thinking about how he can get his brother angry all over
again." Read more...</p></div>AFTER FURTHER REVIEW, GIANTS MORE OF A PLAYOFF RUN THAN JETS (http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/backpage/after_further_review_giants_better_dOX0axa6y5mDUym o3rRTmI)
Excerpt: "It was inexcusable, terrible and sadly predictable. <div>

The Giants' 23-10 loss to the Redskins on Sunday was not a shock for a team
that consistently fails to show up against inferior teams. Eli Manning had an
off game and his receivers did not help, starting with Hakeem Nicks' drop that
likely would have been a touchdown to give the Giants an early 7-3 lead. The
Redskins rolled from there with Rex Grossman showing up the Giants secondary for
the second time this season. </p>

It was another valley in the Giants' rollercoaster season. But they've shown
the ability to rise up and play with the best teams in the NFL. When Manning and
the offense is on, it has proven capable of beating the Patriots and Cowboys on
the road, and hanging with the Packers at home. </p>

But the Jets have been something worse than unstable: They have been
ordinary. Their defense no longer looks capable of winning games, and the
offense has never been able to do that since Rex Ryan took over as coach. The
Jets have not beaten any current playoff team since Week 1, when they rallied to
beat the Cowboys, but that was more due to Dallas’ mistakes than Jets
initiative. Their other impressive victory came against the Chargers, who are
peaking now, but were about to start a six-game losing streak when they came to
New Jersey. </p>

Last year, the Jets suffered that 45-3 beating against the Patriots, but they
also defeated their rivals earlier in the season. Last year in Week 15, they
upset the eventual AFC champion Steelers in Pittsburgh. This year's Week 15 trip
to Pennsylvania was a 45-19 rout dished out by the Eagles. </p>

Even the Jets' 9-7 team from 2009 had an early-season win over the Patriots
to hang their helmet on, and an identity with the No. 1 rushing team and No. 1
defense in the league. </p>

These past two years the Jets have played their best football in the
playoffs, but it was based on a foundation built in the regular season. </p>

It's tough to decipher what this team is. It spent the offseason trying to
build up the passing game, but were quickly exposed and changed course back to a
running team. But the offensive line has taken steps back in recent seasons and
is now closer to average than elite. </p>

The Eagles offense had shown flaws all season, but it moved the ball at will
against the Jets on Sunday. The Jets did not resemble a team that shut down
Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the playoffs, and it will have a hard time
shutting down Eli and the Giants to reach the playoffs this year.</p>

The Giants are not a great team, but except for the debacle in New Orleans,
have played well against some of the better teams in the league. And in what is
now a quarterback league, they have Manning, who has proven capable of playing
with the best. The Jets have been able to overcome Mark Sanchez’s struggles, but
they have yet to do that against a good team playing near the top of its game
this year. </p>

None of this means the Giants will beat the Jets on Sunday, just that they
are the better bet for a playoff run if they do. </p>


If the Jets are able to make the playoffs it would almost certainly be as the
No. 6 seed. </p>

That likely would mean a wild-card matchup with the Texans, who blew a chance
to be a No. 1 seed with their loss to the Panthers on Sunday. Houston has been a
nice story this year, but is certainly the most favorable matchup the Jets could

Rookie T.J. Yates starts at quarterback, and if the Jets have a chance to win
a playoff game this would be it. It could also set up another matchup with the


If the Giants get into the playoffs it would be as the NFC East champion,
which would give them the No. 4 seed in the NFC. Right now that would mean a
matchup with the Falcons, but it also could be the Lions if Detroit wins out
(vs. Chargers, at Packers) and Atlanta loses to New Orleans this Monday night.

Either of those matchups would be destined to end 35-31. </p>


Tom Coughlin was once considered the best at challenging replays, but the
Giants coach has had a rough season in that area. </p>

Coughlin challenged a Redskins interception early in the second quarter.
Watching it live, the call looked dubious, but after the first replay it was
clear safety O.J. Atogwe had made the pick. Because of the change of possession,
the Giants had to time to view those replays and still challenged it. He is now
3-for-10 this season." Read more... </p>
</div><font size="4"><u>NY POST</u></font><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div>
GIANTS' DAVID BAAS IS HEALTHIER, BUT MAY HAVE LOST STARTING JOB (http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/giantsblog/giants_baas_healthier_but_may_have_L242uJrQWkt9sLO ssnzjWO)

"David Baas has apparently healed from the intense headaches and neck injury
that forced him to miss the Giants' past three games. It looks as if he will be
healthy enough to return to his starting spot at center for Saturday’s key game
against the Jets. The question is, will he?<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

Baas was able to practice on Tuesday and worked again Wednesday, a good sign
for the Giants. Now comes the hard part. The offensive line underwent a big
change without Baas, with Kevin Boothe replacing him at center and second-year
Mitch Petrus coming off the bench to move into Boothe’s vacated left guard spot.
The running game picked up dramatically after the changes were made and the pass
protection has been solid. </p>

Does Baas automatically slide back in as the starting center? Coach Tom
Coughlin did not answer that question when it was posed to him on Wednesday. If
Baas returns to play center, Boothe either returns to left guard or goes to the
bench, depending on what the coaching staff wants to do with Petrus, who has
been a spirited competitor in his first three NFL starts.</p>

As far as the depleted tight end position, the Giants got two out of
three back onto the field. Their starter and most productive players, Jake
Ballard, did not practice because of a knee injury. Two other tight ends with
injuries, Travis Beckum (chest) and Bear Pascoe (ribs) were able to

Receiver Mario Mannigham (knee) was not participating in
practice."</p></div>HOLMES RIPS GIANTS' DEFENSIVE BACKS (http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/jetsblog/holmes_rips_giants_dbs_5V02a6KBKi3Oqhu6UtuIhK)

"Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes is coming off one of his worst games with
the team. You would think that has shaken his confidence. <div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

The receiver came out firing Wednesday at the Giants secondary and reporters.

"They've given up big plays," Holmes said of the Giants. "They're
poor-tackling guys. We know plays can be made over their head. We've just got to
be willing to take advantage of them and make them count." </p>

The Giants rank 29th in the NFL against the pass, allowing 257.5 yards per
game. The Jets offense has not been a passing machine this year, ranking 21st in
the NFL with an average of 201.9 yards per game. </p>

But it seems like the Jets feel like they can throw on the Giants. </p>

Holmes likely will be matched up with Corey Webster. Holmes did not sound
impressed. </p>

"I can't wait to see him Saturday," he said. "I hope he's ready to bring his
'A' game." </p>

Asked if he agreed with a reporter's assessment that Webster is having a
pretty good year, Holmes said, "I could care less." </p>

Holmes said the Giants are overly dependent on their pass rush. </p>

"They depend on their front four to get in and get pressure on the
quarterback," he said. "A smart-enough defender knows he has a few seconds in
his play clock that the ball should be released and, if not, he's depending on
his guys to take care of business. I think those guys just fall victim to that a
lot of times." </p>

Last week against the Eagles, Holmes had a fumble, a dropped pass that
resulted in an interception and a taunting penalty. He was asked if he's more
anxious to get back on the field after a poor game. </p>

"Nope," he said. "I've been in this league six years. I make plays every
Sunday." </p>

Holmes did not like questions about his coaches being upset with him after
the taunting penalty. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was visibly
upset on the sideline. </p>

"He's our offensive coordinator. What about him?" Holmes said when asked
about it. </p>

Holmes talked about his relationship with Schottenheimer and he was not
overly convincing that the two are best pals. </p>

"Our relationship is great," he said. "I can't complain about anything with
our relationship. Our relationship is offensive coordinator-wide receiver." </p>

Holmes said he apologized to coach Rex Ryan for the penalty because they have
each other's backs. He got agitated when asked if Ryan said something to him
after the penalty. </p>

"Did you see him yell at me?" Holmes said. "Did you see him say anything at
me?" </p></div>


TOM COUGHLIN ON REX RYAN: TALK IS CHEAP, PLAY THE GAME (http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/giantsblog/giants_coughlin_on_ryan_talk_is_nitVAPJalZ9X2a25Pt 816L)

"Sit down. Brace yourself. You are not going to believe this.<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

Giants coach Tom Coughlin doesn’t have any reaction to his Jets counterpart
Rex Ryan stating the Jets are better than the Giants and have been for the past
three years.</p>

“I just say, regardless of the talk, it will be decided at 1 o’clock Saturday
afternoon,’’ Coughlin said Wednesday morning. “Regardless of what is said. Talk
is cheap, play the game. That is the way I’ve always believed.’’</p>

Ryan replied Wednesday.</p>

"That's the old saying, 'Talk is cheap. Money buys whiskey.' I understand all
that. That's the truth, but I don't care about Tom Coughlin or anybody else. I
know how I believe and I don't care if it's acceptable in everybody's opinion. I
really don't care. I'm worried about my opinion. This is how I feel. Quite
honestly, I could care less what anybody thinks."</p>

Coughlin opened his press conference in an upbeat mood, saying “Okay, here we
go. It doesn’t get more important than this for the Jets or for the Giants.
Happy holidays and let’s get on with it.</p>

“It is an exciting time without a doubt. The season of the year, the time of
the year and the fact that the Jets and the Giants are playing or Christmas Eve
and what is at stake for both teams.’’</p>

Coughlin said playing the Jets is not extra motivation, not compared with the
playoff implications the game includes. </p>

“I think it is the nature of the game,’’ Coughlin said. “I think it has to do
with what is at stake for both teams. It is the underlying motivational drive
for what I see. The all important thing about this game is the opportunity to
move on and stay alive. I don’t know how it gets any better.’’</p>

Doesn’t good-old bragging rights mean anything?</p>

“Just try to win the game, that is what is important to me,’’ Coughlin said.
“Us winning the game, and it will be one of those knock-down, drag-out games
without a doubt. Our focus is completely on preparing our team."</p></div>

ELI MANNING GIVES GIANTS EDGE OVER SANCHEZ, JETS (http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/giants/it_gonna_be_arm_ageddon_Hu1OoUXjYGI1BIOhkBVgkJ)

"It is a Jets fan’s worst nightmare, and should be: Jets 14, Giants 10, two
minutes left, Eli Manning with the ball, and the season, and very possibly two
seasons, and very possibly his coach’s job, in his hands.<div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

Super Bowl XLII all over again. This one for the Bloomberg Trophy, which
gives you the right to keep playing for the Lombardi Trophy.</p>

It apparently is every last Jet’s nightmare, and should be.</p>

“You could definitely see by the Dallas game what he can do,” Jets guard Matt
Slauson said. “He is an incredibly talented player, so we have to make sure that
we don’t keep it close. Because we can’t give him the opportunity at the end to
go down and score.”</p><div style="BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; TEXT-ALIGN: left; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff; COLOR: #000000; OVERFLOW: hidden; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; TEXT-DECORATION: none">

Manning is the anti-Rex Ryan, because he talks exclusively with the actions
of his right arm rather than his words.</p>

The Giants now need that right arm to talk loud and clear, the way it has so
often this season, above the riotous din of eggnog-fueled Jets fans on Christmas

Jets-Giants is destined to be a 60-minute fight to the finish, last
quarterback standing wins.</p>

There is only one elite quarterback in this ARMaggedon, and he will be
wearing No. 10, no matter what Ryan tells you.</p>

Of course, the Giants fan won’t be feeling anywhere close to how he or she
felt when Lawrence Taylor or Michael Strahan was around to play the part of
Mariano Rivera, should Mark Sanchez have the ball at the very end.</p>

Sanchez, like Manning, has a history of saving his best for last. Over the
past two years, he has directed no fewer than eight fourth-quarter/overtime
comeback victories.</p>

Manning’s fourth-quarter passing numbers: 114-for-171 (66.7 percent) for
1,602 yards with 14 TDs and two INTs. A 111.8 QB rating, tops in the NFL, just
ahead of Aaron Rodgers (66-for-97; 68 percent) for 897 yards with nine TDs and
four INTs and a 111.1 QB rating.</p>

Sanchez’s fourth-quarter

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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</P>

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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</P>

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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</p>

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays RF......Thanks for the work you do on these......just knew the writers were going to dig up the bones of that 1988 Giants/Jets game....bastages lol</p>

if ya gotta do what ya gotta do ........."grab the gun and leave the conolies" [:D] GF part 1</p>


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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</p>

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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</P>

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I have the feast of the 7 fishes where many of the coaches and players will hypothetically will be sleeping with the fishes if the lose.</p>

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