12-21-2011, 02:37 PM
<font size="3">GIANTS HAVE QB TO BAIL THEM OUT</font> (http://www.profootballweekly.com/2011/12/19/giants-have-qb-to-bail-them-out)

"The Giants and Jets both suffered hurtful losses against losing teams prior
to their Christmas Eve battle this week. Although each team lost playoff
footing, the Giants' loss was more damaging. The Jets were focused in on a
wild-card berth with the Patriots in the driver's seat for the AFC East, but the
Giants still were in prime position to lock up the NFC East and, hence, earn a
home playoff game. That's why their loss to the last-place Redskins was the more
damaging.<div class="m10l m10r"><div class="story_body line ">

Still, the Giants are in a better position to win this game against the Jets
and the Week 17 contest against the Cowboys, which would get them into the
postseason dance. Why? Eli Manning.</p>

The PFW Spin</p>

It's perhaps a bit odd that we are trumpeting Manning coming off his worst
game of the season, but his poor game against the Redskins fits his profile to a
tee. Once or twice a season, Manning just seems to have one of those games where
nothing works. He clearly was trying to bail out his ineffective defense, which
was on the field all game, and made critical throws that cost his team
possessions and points.</p>

But the good news is that Manning tends to follow his clunkers with his best
performances, especially late in the season. In 2007, Manning followed up a
four-turnover game at Buffalo with a four-TD game against the 15-0 Patriots and
followed it up with the team's magical playoff run and a Super Bowl MVP award.
Witness 2008 when he came back from a two-pick, two-fumble loss at Dallas to
engineer a solid, mistake-free win over the Panthers in a battle for the NFC's
No. 1 seed that season. In '09, Manning bounced back from a bad performance at
Denver to go on a three-game tear. And last season, he put aside the memory of a
four-turnover game against the Eagles to put up his best passer rating of the
season vs. the Jaguars, who came in dangerous at 6-4.</p>

Manning has the memory of a Hall of Fame relief pitcher or a great
cornerback. He seldom allows one bad game to affect the next contest. That's why
bottom-line Tom Coughlin loves Manning so much. And the coach's theme this week
will be to put the memory of Sunday's loss in the history books. In a short
week, it will be on Manning and Coughlin to put aside the distractions and
remember that the Giants control their own fate for a playoff bid. Losses,
whether by one point or 32 points, still count the same.</p>

The good news is that Jets head coach Rex Ryan already has started with the
pregame hype, which only can take the pressure off the Giants. Ryan said Monday
of the Giants, "I realize they are an excellent football team, but I think we
are better." Coughlin secretly loves that. He can sit back, praise the Jets and
let them talk up the game while the Giants come in as the so-called underdog.
Manning will love it, too. He will praise the Jets' defense up and down all
week, but on Sunday he has the cold nerves to tear them up.</p>

The Jets' defense is a shell of its once-great self. The pass rush is spotty
at best, the secondary has one great player, the linebackers don't have great
edge speed. Really, it's a well-coached unit, but one that is lacking in
superior talent. The Giants certainly have the weapons to do some damage. Jets
OLB Calvin Pace admitted after the game that had the Eagles not called off the
dogs, they could have scored more. That's really bad to admit, and the 45 points
Philly laid down were bad enough.</p>

But the biggest advantage is at quarterback. Manning simply is far better and
more reliable than Mark Sanchez. Manning might not be perfect, but he's far less
flawed than his crosstown counterpart and is in the midst of his finest season
to date. Victor Cruz is a stalwart, and Hakeem Nicks might not have as bad a
game as he did Sunday for another three years, maybe not ever.</p>

Manning and the Giants will go on the road in their home stadium and earn a
win. He will outduel Sanchez and the Giants will be a game away from winning the
NFC East."

12-21-2011, 02:40 PM
Here here!

12-21-2011, 02:45 PM
Might not believe in the team, but I always can and will believe in ELI.

12-21-2011, 02:47 PM
As long as the defense doesn't shoot to many holes in the boat.

12-21-2011, 02:50 PM
As long as the defense doesn't shoot to many holes in the boat.

If they just keep rowing lol

12-21-2011, 03:00 PM
I believe in Eli but unless Coughlin will play him at Mike backer he's not gonna be able to help us.

12-21-2011, 03:17 PM
the thing is, eli has been bailing out this sad excuse of a team all year.

at what point do the other players look at 10 carrying them and decide "hey, we need to pick it up a little to take some of that load off of eli"

its sickening that our qb could have an mvp caliber season, be top 4 qb, literally win games on his own, play awesome all but 2 or 3 games, and the team is 7-7.

im afraid that much like the 09 season, the defense will erase any memory of eli's stellar play.

even tho the loss vs washington last week was a bad game by eli, i completely blame fewell and the defense for even putting us in a situation where we needed to win, and that eli would have to carry the team again.

forget which commentator said it, but he was right when saying "this is what happens when u ask a player to carry a team all year long and he finally has a bad game"...

do u guys realize that the performance vs Washington would be how this team looks EVERY WEEK if it werent for eli playing out of his mind? The effort by everyone else was virtually the same as it has been all year. Eli and JPP, no one else shows up. Eli and JPP are literally winning games.

Its about damn time this defense shows up and ya know, actually do there jobs and call me crazy, win a couple games.

I was jealous watching teams like Pitt. hold the 9ers to 6 points the majority of the game, and the 9ers holding pitt to like 3 points.

If I were the owner, I would literally make my way to the locker room and let the defesnive side of the ball know no job is safe, and that whoever shows up will be remembered the offseason, and whoever doesnt show up will too be remembered.

Its about damn time Eli DOESNT have to bail us out, he's friggin done it all year and it disgusts me.

WR's catch the ball
DL gets after the QB
OL protects and run blcks
Secondary defend the Pass

is that so much to ****ing ask? We do those things, Eli is more than enough to carry us over the top and dare i say if those units do those things, we'd blow teams out.

12-21-2011, 03:19 PM
We also have a QB that we need to stop...which has been the bigger problem lately....Sanchez in my opinion can do the same or actually better than Whitehurst, Smith, or Grossman. If he has time in the pocket, we lose this game without a doubt.

12-21-2011, 03:40 PM
Its a good thing Im not the Owner or the GM because Sooooo many people would have been fired by now.

12-21-2011, 04:56 PM
Its a good thing Im not the Owner or the GM because Sooooo many people would have been fired by now.

+1, that is, I'm glad you are not the owner or GM.

12-21-2011, 05:23 PM
Eli is the only reason why we have 7 wins. Period.