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02-03-2009, 11:52 AM

We have recently seen a number of new members join, and as such, it is probably a good time to go over a few board rules.

political discussions, racial or ethnic slurs, stalking, serious
harrassment, or any type of truly offensive discussions or actions will
ever be tolerated. If you see anyone engaging in this type of abuse,
please realize that there is a "Report Abuse" button in the lower right
side of every post. Only one post per thread needs to be reported for
a mod to look at the entire thread and take necessary action. Please
realize that abusing this feature is a form of abuse, and following
other users around to see what they are posting about other people for
the sole purpose of reporting them to the mods is a form of stalking,
and IS a bannable offense. We mods make every effort to review every
thread, and the "report abuse" option is there to help us find a
objectionable and bannable posting before too many people see it. We
ask that you help us by using it in a responsible fashion.

you are citing a fact, you must provide a link. Many people come here
to get all sorts of Giants news, and even NFL news in general. So post
a link or don't post at all. If you saw it in the newspaper, all
newspapers have websites now. Find it before you post it. If you saw
it on TV, all tv stations have websites now, and the video is probably
on the site. If not, at least try to find it, and if you can't, then
you can say exactly what channel and program you saw it on. As an
example that didn't happen yet, saying "Haynesworth signed by the
Giants for the league minimum!" will only piss off a lot of users.
Saying that you saw this on the Bob Papa radio show on April Fool's Day
might actually clarify it. People want to know where they are getting
the news from.

Copying and pasting PORTIONS of external sources
is fine. Posting links to other sites is fine (and as said above is
mandatory.) Posting ANY external source in its entirety is a violation
of copyright laws for which the Giants will be held responsible. Don't
do it. Similarly, discussing in public forums where to obtain
recordings of any type of video, including games, movies, DVDs of the
Giants, etc. and where to stream the games if you're out of market is
also a potential violation of copyright laws for which the Giants will
be held responsible. If you are on these boards, you are on the
Giants' intellectual property, and as such you must realize that the
Giants are ultimately responsible for all content on these boards.
None of this will be tolerated.

Masking profanity has been going
on for far too long. If you need to say "****", then type "****" and
let the built in filter do its job, as it did here. As an example,
typing "f**k" is bannable. Typing "****" and letting the filter work
is not.

Please keep sig sizes to the width of the page maximum, and no pictures of ladies are allowed. Sorry guys.

that this is a message board, where people from all ages come to talk
about Giants Football. By definition, people will not always agree on
every issue. We ask that you all respect everyone else's right to have
and voice their own opinion. However, if you expect people to respect
your opinion, then you need to understand that respect must be earned,
whether on a message board, or out on the street.

If someone is
calling you an idiot, they are not committing a bannable offense, and
therefore they are not abusing you. They are giving you the right to
voice your opinion, and they are letting you know that you have not yet
earned their respect. If you feel like certain people are insulting
you with these types of words, then the best advice we mods can give
you is to avoid those people. There are over 40,000 members here, most
of them Giants fans, and I'm sure someone else will treat you better.

rules are in place to make these boards a more fun and friendly place
for everyone. We mods aren't out to get anyone (except a certain clown
that keeps cloning himself) and we certainly don't get paid for what we
do. We are volunteering our time and efforts out of a common love for
Giants football, and respect for the boards. Please help us by
following these very simple rules. Most of all, use common sense.


Mod Team

02-07-2009, 09:48 PM
Thanks Mod_D, you make very good points, but I have something else to add.

Regarding sigs.... I see that you have discussed the size of pics, that's cool. Got something new...

MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE APPROPRIATE. Keeping them sports related would be the way to go. You can put quotes in there as well. But any material in a sig that uses a racial, ethnic slur of sorts or uses derogatory language IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE. So please make sure that your sigs are appropriate.

Also, make sure you guys reads Shockey+Manning=Shocking's thread on posting stuff in the right forum. [Y] It can avoid problems.

Thanks again

Mod Team

02-10-2009, 09:55 AM
To add yet another point:

This is a message board. It is not a seller market. You can not post links to your Ebay auctions or attempt to sell anything on your own using these forums. It will be deleted and your account will be banned without warning.

Thank you