View Full Version : Why the timeout?

12-03-2012, 11:46 PM
As usual after a loss, the entire team was to blame for this, specially in the penalty department.

But seriously, that decision to take a timeout before the 2 minute warning was just insanity...why on earth would you put the entire game on a single down?? Specially when we've been getting destroyed all day

In that situation I'd want to have as many chances as possible....let the darn 2 minute warning stop the clock, that way if they come back and convert we actually have 2 timeouts and a slight chance...I hated that call as soon as it happened....terrible, terrible call

But like I said earlier, just terrible execution and lack of discipline on the part of the penalties. Also not looking forward to Deihl for the rest of the year....

It was a bad night folks