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12-04-2012, 12:53 AM
Full penalty summary for the game
Legit penalties in blue
Bull**** penalties in green
Bull**** & Drive-killing penalties in red
Non-factor penalties in black

4th and 4 WAS (punt)
Illegal block above the waist, NYG Sash, 10 yards

1st and 10 NYG
False Start, NYG Locklear, 5 yards

Drive results in NYG FG, no first downs after false start penalty.


1st and 10 NYG
Intentional Grounding, NYG Manning, 10 yards

Drive results in MISSED FG attempt, no first downs after penalty


1st and 10 WAS
Offensive Holding, WAS Paulsen, 10 yards

1st down later converted, but Drive later results in a punt


3rd and 5 NYG
False Start, NYG Nicks, 5 yards

2nd and 11 NYG
Delay of Game, NYG Manning, 5 yards.

2nd and 16 NYG
Defensive PI, WAS C.Griffin, 21 yards to spot of foul, first down

1st and 10 NYG
Offensive Holding, NYG Locklear, 10 yards

first down later converted, drive results in TOUCHDOWN


WAS Kickoff
Holding, NYG Cordle, 10 yards from spot of catch

2 first downs converted, Drive results in punt


1st and 10 WAS
Unnecessary roughness, NYG Joseph
Unnecessary roughness, WAS Lichtensteiger

Penalties offset, play ruled fumble recovered by NYG


WAS Kickoff
Holding, NYG Cordle, 8 yards (half distance from spot of catch)

Penalty negates long kickoff return. No first downs, drive results in punt


2nd and 10 WAS
Offensive PI, WAS Paulsen, 10 yards

No first downs, drive results in punt


2nd and 5 NYG
Horse Collar Tackle, WAS Williams, 15 yards

3rd and 10 NYG
Holding, NYG Beatty, 10 yards

4th and 16 NYG (punt)
Running into the kicker, WAS Kehl, declined


No further penalties, WAS has the ball the remainder of the game.

NYG: 11 total called penalties for 73 yards (1 offset)
WAS: 5 total called penalties for 56 yards (1 declined by NYG, one offset)


12-04-2012, 02:09 AM
Good summary; however, you are missing the 9, count em' 9 holding calls the Deadskins had that weren't called. This marks 2 division losses put squarely on the refs (the other being the eagles games). You don't lose a game when you win time of posession, total yards & turnover battle & only give up one TD (the 1st was a fluke). Year in & year out Giants get hosed by officials (usually worse at home) & this is an embarassment to the NFL. These refs tonight made the replacement refs in Packers-Seahawks game look good.