View Full Version : TO THE D LINE, PLEASE HELP !

12-10-2012, 09:39 AM
JPP has 0 sacks in the last 3 or maybe 4 games Canty and Joseph need to collapse that pocket more so QBs can't step up. Tuck seems to be playing like he's concerned about getting banged around. They have allowed themselves to be pushed back by O lines which has resulted in some big runs. Our D backs are being beat for some big yardage but in too many games this year opposing QBs have been given too much time to check down and find the open receiver. The "talking heads" keep on saying how dangerous our D line can be and in some games they have been but come on,one sack on Breese when you know he has too pass !

It seems the inconsistent bug has bit them hard this year. To win the division, (which i believe we must this year in order to make the playoffs), Our D line cannot give Ryan and Flacco the time to get into a comfort zone. After all, how many INTs can you expect from Brown.