View Full Version : Audio Commentary: Need Ya'll to chip in. Opinions on trash talk by Falcons WR

Generation Eli
12-16-2012, 06:04 AM
I wanted to ask a favor of all the Giants fans on this board. Im trying to get a few people to comment (commentate) about the upcoming game with the falcons.

Seeing how they talked crap about our WR, I wanted to get a Giants POV on what you think about their comments and what will transpire today @ 1 against them.

Was looking to get audio comments, cut them up with premiere and post a video with those comments embedded. Let me know if Ya'll can get me the audio (if all of ya'll are willing) before the game. Obviously short notice but just thought of it. Thinking about getting back into the game.

Im a video-ographer/graphic designer and just wanted to get back into this hobby.

Basically think of Knoxx audio commentary in his videos. It doesnt have to be that passionate. Basically, give me your thoughts as if u were being interviewed. Put them in audio format and send it over, Ill do the rest. Dont worry about editing it, I do this for a living, I got it. I can make even an Eli Manning speech sound like it came from Micheal Strahan/Justin Tuck.

With that said, I cant wait for the Giants to FEAST on SOME BIRDS TODAY! Unlike them, Our Bite is bigger than out BARK. In the words of the Great Knoxx

****-em UP!

Captain Chaos
12-16-2012, 06:09 AM
No thanx.....