12-16-2012, 11:12 PM
I know its not funny, but we just went from 52 to 0 in record braking time. You might say it was a PANIC stop. This is beyond ridiculous !
It seems like when we win the next team we play looks at the film and figures out how to stop us.
I know it doesn' t make a lot of sense to win a SB every year, especially the way the giants do it like how they wake up just in time and beat great teams. But be consistent and beat the teams you should beat.

You watch the Pats play and every year they're in the mix or winning championships. They have a poor Defense so they just out score you and win. They don't have the great WRs so they beat you with their TEs. They find a running game and a good O line. A lot of the players on that team are not super stars but they play efficiently under a good coaching staff that expects the best.The league has watched Brady play for years but most of the time, they can't seem to figure out how he does it.

When you think about it, winning 2 SBs doesn't give TC and company the right to play like this. In fact, its supposed to mean you are winners.
You can't win every one but today's game was a disgrace. I thought Osi's comment saying, we have to TRY to find a way to win, was sad. Even the tone of his voice sounded like we are just beaten this year.