View Full Version : Execution is the main culprit

12-17-2012, 06:11 PM
I see alot of people moaning and complaining about either Eli, Coughlin, or Gilbride. People think that we have the most predictable offense and this is not the case. Most teams are containing Eli by getting a solid 4 man rush with 2 safeties over the top. Its the same defense that the Cowboys beat us with and many other teams are copying it.

We cannot get teams to get out of this because we can not run the damn ball. Teams are stopping our run game with guy there front 7. And cornerbacks are more aggressive because they know they have safety support. When Andre Brown was running the ball well it seemed to open up the passing game and with Nicks not being able to fight off the press this defense has been killing us. If you watch both Cowboys games they ran that defense all day long.

Its time for Reese to get this offensive line rebuilt. Accorsi made that offensive line the backbone of our offense...Its time for Reese to bring back PHYSICAL GIANT FOOTBALL...not this finese b.s. Since Reese took over this team has look soft even on the defense side too. We can not even draft feared linebackers...and now we are running 3 safety looks...like what the heck is that.

12-17-2012, 06:13 PM
Between play calling/strategy & execution, I call it a DRAW!!!

12-17-2012, 06:17 PM
People do not realize that the Giants have to run the ball out of shotgun. When Eli is in Shotgun...its scares the defense from stacking the box. Do you think this team can run out of I formation. Do you think we can run out of Singleback formations without the leagues best blocking fullback in Hynoski? Gilbride is playing it smart staying in shotgun. And the only runs to can do our of Shotgun is draws and sweeps....Counter runs do not work in the NFL anymore, but a nice cutback run may work by its risky.

In 2007 we was not running the draw. Gilbride is running this scheme according to personnel. Reese has no idea about the physical nature of history of Giant football.

12-17-2012, 06:21 PM
Its ridiculous because Gilbride is a scapegoat. In 2007....we use to pound the ball and run playaction off it and PEOPLE COMPLAINED THAT WE WAS UNDER-UTILIZING ELI MANNING's SKILL SET...and when use the Shotgun as our main attack..PEOPLE CONTINUE TO CALL THIS SCHEME DUMB. This team can not run the ball from Iformation...and we need a tackle playing tight end to help us run the ball LOL. Did you see our 4th down attempts...Offensive Line was pathetic....and you can blame Reese for that mess.

12-17-2012, 11:46 PM
This is not 2007. That is the whole point. We have different players and like it was said, teams know how to defend us. Ergo, WE NEED A NEW SCHEME. Until we get personnel to run the game they want, we have to do things in new ways. In other words, we need an OC who can adjust .