View Full Version : Just a bad day where nothing went right.

stormin normand
12-17-2012, 07:14 PM
Nothing I was hoping for yesterday happened.

First of course I was hoping for a Giants W we got blown out, embarrassed, dominated spanked, owned.

based on my hope of a W I hoped for a bear win because we have the tie breaker against GB

Naturally I wanted the boys and skinz to lose, actually figured the steelers would take it to the boys, and hopin the skinz minus RGiii would falter
neither of those came to be

finally I was hoping for NE to take out the 9ers.

We had it all in front of us.

A W put us on the inside track to the 2 seed and a first round bye with an outside chance of the 1 seed providing Atl. lost out although not likely one can still hope.

so now I hope just to get in, get a ticket to the dance.
We win out and the boys and skins play to a tie.... yes we would end up with the division.