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12-19-2012, 06:35 AM

Excerpt: "The human will is quite a powerful, yet underrated tool.

Imagine this. If you want something badly enough ĖI mean REALLY want somethingĖand you work toward achieving it, chances are high that itís going to come.

Itís called being proactive, and thatís precisely what the Falcons were in their 34-0 thrashing of the Giants Sunday.

The Giants? Week after week, we hear about how the next game is the most important. Yet week after week, we never know what team is going to show up Ė and we all know what showed up last week.

So for anyone who thought the Falconsí won-loss record was a by-product of luck or a soft schedule, take note: they put the defending Super bowl Champions in their place simply because they wanted it more.

The Giants? Iím not sure what they wanted, but I do know this much. If they aspire to make the playoffs, itís time to stop acting as if theyíre not worried and show a greater sense of urgency in these last two games.


There werenít that many to speak of, but there were a few, and Iíll start with one of the underrated ones, receiver Domenik Hixon. You might not have noticed but Hixon finished as the teamís leader in receptions with five and receiving yards with 80. In fact Hixon leads all receivers (and I include tight end Martellus Bennett) in terms of reliability in that heís caught a team high 68% of the passes targeted for him (based on 50 or more pass targets).

Thatís some clutch performances by Hixon, who in this weekís game also made a wise decision on his lone punt return to call for a fair catch and who otherwise made a smart move by letting another punt bounce into the end zone, except a penalty moved the ball back from the 20 to the 10." Read more...

12-19-2012, 06:44 AM
Good run-down . . . . thanks