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12-21-2012, 10:06 AM
I am not trying to start a offense vs. defense discussion, I think we can all agree that both have had their issues this year. What I wanted to look at was possible issues that may be causing the offense to struggle the second half of the year. While the offense over the years under KG has been very dynamic, it has had it's share of games where they are very anemic, more in the second half of this year that I remember in previous years. Here are a few of my thoughts for discussion...

Offensive line is one area many have pointed to as an issue. However, looking at stats the percentage of pressures has dropped significantly from last year (25% as apposed to almost 40% last year) and the lowest number of sacks in the NFL... I think it is safe to say that the O-line, at least in the passing game, is not the problem.

Running game is another area that receives a lot of criticism. Yet again, the running game is producing on average 20 yards more per game than last year. While statistically the running game seems fine, it has been very inconsistent which clearly causes some problems for the offense.

Injuries, especially to Nicks have been an issue. However, I wonder if this issue is compounded by the complexity of the option routes and difficulty that young receivers have getting on the same page with Eli. With a simplified scheme would rookies like Randle be able to step in and be more of a factor?

Teams have figured out how to slow down, even shut down, the passing game. This is one I keep coming back too. But I want to expand on this even more. No question that defenses are adjusting to the scheme, but I am beginning to think they are actually manipulating the scheme. DBs know that receivers are reacting to what they are doing, so they are using that to guide the receivers where they want them to go. This leads to turnovers or at the very least receivers that are right where the defense wants them. This has always been the fatal flaw in the "read and react" defense, offenses trick that defense into a reaction, then exploit it. Is this what is now happening to our offense? If that is the case, would simple adjustments be enough to get the offense back on track or does it require major changes?

12-21-2012, 10:15 AM
Offensively we've moved further and further away from the short game to a more vertical based offense. Defending that becomes easy ... take away the outside and long routes and make the opposing offense beat you in the short game. Accordingly, the Giants' short game has become decreasingly used. It's now to the point where any throw under 5 yards is apt to be over the head or into the ground (Eli has lost that short game touch).

This wouldn't be as big of a problem if our receivers were healthy, but a gimpy Nicks and a doubled Cruz and lack of a third receiving long threat and there you go.

12-21-2012, 10:21 AM
I agree they have put way to much emphasis on the deeper pass routes, which has the lowest chance of success, and away from the short and intermediate routes which obviously have a much higher rate of success. Clearly that would be a major factor and one I should have included in the original post.

Eli statistically is very bad when it comes to passing to the sidelines, but very good when passing into the middle of the field. The difference in completions and QB rating is huge. You would think this would lead to more TE involvement and WR using crossing and slant routes.. but that hasn't been the case.