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12-29-2012, 02:27 PM
It’s become apparent to me that the last two superbowls (as brilliant as they were) were fairly incredible and based on a lot of events fatefully going right before winning in such a fashion. Seems like a dream now. I think it’s safe to say that this team needs a lot of reconstructing personnel wise and doesn’t field a roster that is usually typical of perennial superbowl champs.

Eli Manning will be 32 in a few days. His contract will expire post-2014 which I believe should be a basis for planning for his eventual departure and overall turnover of the team we know today. Unless he is playing his best football by the time his contract is up, I say we let him walk considering how much his contact demands and will continue to demand in the future; ten years, two superbowls, that should be enough as he approaches the back end of his career. The moves that are made in this, and subsequent, off seasons will determine whether the post-Eli era is marked by consistent success or perpetual rebuild and teardown teams from season to season.

I claim that it is logical and suits the current team best if the next few off seasons are predicated on constructing a strong defense persistently featuring a deep, dominating defensive line and a defensive backfield with more money invested in players who deserve it. The defensive line is perfect at the moment in terms of the players which are there; however, Osi could be a casualty unless he restructures his contract/accepts less money, which I doubt. The linebacker core, at present, is very poor and untalented and should be a central priority in the draft and free agency.

Personally, in the long term, I would like to see the Giants establish a top 5-10 defense anchored by a great defensive line and secondary with immense depth and talent at cornerback. I would prefer to fuel the offense by a strong offensive line whereby run blocking is never an impossible task rather than investing in a franchise quarterback—the QB naturally produces more arbitrary performances for the team as a whole while a strong o-line seems to provide more consistency and works harmoniously with a good defense.

A total teardown for the coaching staff minus Coughlin might be necessary if the team decides to start preliminarily rebuilding.

Just some thoughts, pipedreams…

Comments? Ideas of your own?

12-29-2012, 02:45 PM
i think Osi will walk after the season. hes not as effective as he has been and needs to be replaced!

Tuck and Webby will undoubtly take downgraded roles as both decreased in productivity.

Eli still has max 3 years left as a "starter" quality qb and will imo retire as a Giant! it seems the league "quarterback" scene is changing to scramblers/elusive type qbs so that has to be considered in the next coupla of years!

personally i would prefer a qb like Russell Wilson than RG3. drop back and pocket passers is gonna be a thing of the past imo!

12-29-2012, 03:14 PM
quarterback" scene is changing to scramblers/elusive type qbs so that has to be considered in the next coupla of years! Your right but.

D will stop this stuff like they have everything else. These QB's can only take so many hits till they end up like Vick damaged.