View Full Version : Bennett expects to be back; Stevie wants to be back

12-30-2012, 04:41 PM
Giants RapidReports ‏@CBSGiants
Bennett said he expects to be back next year. #NYG

Giants RapidReports ‏@CBSGiants
Stevie Brown wants to be back next year. Says it's up to the #NYG to make it happen. NY is 6-0 when he has an interception.

I would like to see him back...He's a very good blocking TE and a good receiving threat

I like brown too ..seems to have a nose for the ball

12-30-2012, 04:44 PM
He doesn't have natural hands but he is good.

12-30-2012, 04:44 PM

12-30-2012, 04:44 PM
Me too I want him back

12-30-2012, 04:45 PM
He's worth keeping.

12-30-2012, 04:45 PM
Need them both back.

Stevie Brown is RFA, so he'll be back next year for sure

12-30-2012, 04:46 PM
I want them both.

12-30-2012, 04:47 PM
i think both will be coming back. Stevie seems to be a natural ball hawk and Bennett prolly needs another year with Eli to be dominate!

12-30-2012, 05:10 PM
I'd like them both back. Stevie brown was a spark plug for the defense and Bennett's a pretty solid tight end both blocking and receiving