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01-02-2013, 12:26 PM
TEAM- C (tough schedule but team went limp at the most critical juncture)

Owner- C- (allowing Coughlin to retain Fewell, unacceptable)

GM- B (Very Good Draft, unfortunately many did not play enough)

HC- C (Did not motivate team at critical juncture, and allowed Fewell to run our D into the ground), way too loyal to mediocre players- where was Ojomo?


DC- D-

QB- B- (Would have been higher but like team he disappeared in games #14, and #15)

OL- B-

TEs- B

WRs- B-

RB- B-


LBers- B

CB's- B-

Safteys- B+

01-02-2013, 12:53 PM
TEAM: C (agree with OP)

Owner: B (replace Fewell with Killdrive in that sentence and I agree)

GM: B- (finds good talent, but neglects major needs on our team like OL)

HC: C- (Allows Killdrive to stay, blatantly hates rookies and has a zero-tolerance policy towards them regarding fumbles and missed assignments while giving so much leeway to the veterans.)

OC: F (Killdrive just plain needs to go, completely unimaginative, and is holding Eli back just by still being with the team. Benching Locklear for Diehl when both were healthy is the epitome of bad decisions. 3 shotgun draws in a row for no gain was atrocious. Constantly trying to throw long on third and short is the most predictable thing ever.)

DC: C (He can only do so much with Tuck and Osi not wanting to show up and the entire secondary getting injured. That said, allowing Tuck and Osi to continue playing after they fell flat is inexcusable)

QB: B (Eli needs to have more freedom to be honest.)

OL: D (Aside from Beatty and Locklear, the entire OL sucked.)

TE: B (Bennett did what he needed to in blocking to help the aforementioned piss-poor OL, which is why he didn't get that many targets)

WR: B- (Nicks played injured, Cruz still did well, but WRs were off all season. Enemy defenses are onto our offense and are baiting our WR. The offensive scheme itself just plain does not work anymore, which is WAY more on Killdrive than our WR or QB.)

RB: B- (We had a decent group of RB in Bradshaw, who had 1000 yards rushing, Brown, who would have been more of a factor had he not gotten hurt, and Wilson, who would have been more of a factor had TC not completely stifled his development in his anti-rookie crusade. And all of this behind the aforementioned crap OL)

DL: I have to split this. JPP gets a B+, the rest of the line gets a D-.

LB: C+ (Not much they can do to stop the run when Osi overpursues every damn time)

CB: Webster and Tryon get an F, rest of the group gets a B-

S: A (All 4 of our safeties played well when healthy. KP, Stevie, Rolle, and Hill)

ST: B+ (Great returns by Wilson, and we didn't give up any returns to the house, even to the other big returner in the league in Jacoby Jones. Weatherford was baller as usual.)

01-02-2013, 01:42 PM
Sorry Forgot ST but we did allow a lot of return yardage and the Enigma Tynes missed two critial kicks that would have turned our season around so I'm going to give them a B-

01-02-2013, 02:17 PM
Sorry Forgot ST but we did allow a lot of return yardage and the Enigma Tynes missed two critial kicks that would have turned our season around so I'm going to give them a B-

That said, Tynes had a massive sample size, and two or three misses (even in chip shot range) statistically isn't that bad at all given the number of attempts he had all season. His misses coming when we needed him most inflates the bad aspects on him this season. Conversely, we don't remember his two misses in a single game vs GB in 2007 because we still won when he hit his third attempt.

01-02-2013, 02:30 PM
I remember them like it was yesterdy........he hit one that went sideways practically..........He has progressed a lot since that game but he needs to strengthen his leg......maybe spend some time in the gym with Weatherford, the best punter in the NFL

01-02-2013, 04:33 PM
so overall we get a B and no playoffs in a tight race to the finish.........I dont know how may other teams could have exceeded 9-7 with our 2012 schedule