View Full Version : Headlines questioning Belicheck's longevity

01-22-2013, 12:12 AM
I find it amazing over the last decade that it seems there has never been a reporter out there to stir the pot on Bill Belicheck's tenure with the Patriots. He has been there a long time, has succeeded at everything, and to pedestrian viewers from the outside looking in, has virtually nothing left to accomplish. However, today is the first time I have ever read a headline on any of the major news websites suggesting this might be Belicheck's last year. Of course he shot it down immediately though.

It seems as if Coughlin is consistently asked at the end of every year if this is his last. Same with Andy Reid when he was with Philly. Cowher when he was with Pittsburgh. It's just customary end-of-the-season, nothing-better-to-talk-about nonsense news stories. But I never see them come out of Foxborough, until now.