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01-26-2013, 12:58 PM

Excerpt: "Ever had a question you wanted to ask New York (http://www.giants101.com/tag/new-york/) Giants fullback Henry Hynoski (http://www.giants101.com/tag/henry-hynoski/) but couldn't? Well, now is your chance. Hynoski has reached out to Giants 101 (and a number of other sites) looking for some intelligent questions from our readers and Big Blue fans for an upcoming Q&A that will be posted on his website.

Hey, Giants fans!

Have a question for Giants fullback Henry Hynoski (http://www.giants101.com/tag/henry-hynoski/)? Send it to him at contest@henryhynoski45.com and be sure to check the Hynocerousí blog on his official web site, www.henryhynoski45.com (http://www.henryhynoski45.com/) the week of January 28, 2013. Everyone who submits a question will be eligible to win an officially licensed, signed photo. Hope to hear from you guys!

In addition to possibly having your question featured/answered on Hynoski's official website, one random participant will also win a free autographed photo of Hynoski.

Please keep in mind, as we noted above, only questions e-mailed to contest@henryhynoski45.com (contest@henryhynoski45.com?subject=Henry%20Hynosk i%20Q%26A%20submission%20(Giants101)) will count. All questions listed here or on our social media sites will not be used, nor will you be entered for a chance to win the free autographed photo." Read more...

01-26-2013, 01:40 PM
love the Hynocerous.....hope he has a long and successful career with the NYGs.....

Old Giant
01-26-2013, 01:44 PM
love the Hynocerous.....hope he has a long and successful career with the NYGs.....

Amen to that!

01-26-2013, 01:46 PM
Amen to that!
he is one of the few players that admitted he had technique issues and had to fix them. The best part is that he DID fix them.
He put in the work and made it happen