View Full Version : Leaving for our game w/ Tampa Bay this Monday!

Bleedin Blue Since '62
04-30-2009, 04:57 PM
Why Im leaving for the Tampa Bay game on Monday!</P>

I live about 19 miles from Raymond James Stadium.</P>

I want to hang out near the stadium from now until the game just to be in the zone!</P>

I can work from my laptop, stay in hotels nearby and spend some nights with the homeless.</P>

There are like 4 Gentleman Clubs right nearby.</P>

My girlfriend lives about 5 miles from the stadium.</P>

It's a perfect 4 1/2 month mini-road trip.</P>

Beaches reasonably close by as well!</P>

Anyone want to hang out?</P>

Hey! How bout that Ramses Barden dude? <FONT face=Georgia color=#0000ff>GO GIANTS!!!</FONT></P>