View Full Version : Thanks to the mods for deleting my post to a LINK!

06-18-2009, 07:05 PM
It was for the Artie Lange/Joe Buck show, and I personally did NOT have any vulgar or offensive language on here. </P>

Thanks for making this place like communist Russia or Cuba. You are all class acts.</P>

I guess there is no such thing as freedom of choice. That site didn't have anything to do with the giants.com website.</P>

I was wondering why a lot of people dropped off of here, and you just confirmed my suspicions.</P>

06-18-2009, 10:20 PM
Code of Conduct at the bottom of the page clearly stats that you agree to not post "Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images."</P>

We are actually very easy going with things like this and let it go. This is a family website in which underage children read. I am an Artie Lang fan as well so I personally would of enjoyed it. Fact remains anybody can google it and the thread was not necessary. </P>

We actually are suppose to send posters on a suspension for violating these term and you were left alone. But since your so unhappy with how things are done here take two weeks to figure out whether you want to come back or if you'll follow the fallen soldiers of Giant's message boards past. </P>

-Mod M</P>