View Full Version : Rules of this forum - ***REQUIRED READING***

10-06-2009, 09:41 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen,

There seems to be a great deal of people who have missed the point of this forum. It was created for talking some football smack with opposing fans. The description of the forum is pretty clear


The following is not permitted

1. Personal attacks. Don't do it, no matter how harmless you think it is
2..Racial, Political, or Religious attacks/discussions of ANY kind
3. Profanity. This includes misspelling words or using extra letters or symbols in profane words to get around the language filter, no matter how minor or insignificant you think it is.
4. Keep family members out of it

Breaking these rules will get you suspended for a minimum of 2 weeks per violation.

Smack is one thing, but it has been pushed too far. If you don't want to talk about football, you will need to find another forum.

Thank you