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01-05-2012, 05:10 PM
Under the Radar guys:</P>

Nick Provo - TE, Syracuse - basically there whole passing offense. </P>

Malik Jackson - DE, Tennessee - Solid player on a crappy team. Similiar styles to Tuck and could be some good depth at DE.</P>

Jamell Fleming - CB, Oklahoma - had a phenomenol bowl game. He did a great job against some quality receivers in McNutt and Davis (Iowa).</P>

Leonard Johnson - CB, Iowa State - Dude was all of the field vs. Okla State and really made some big plays. A bit undersized for a NYGiants CB, but great instincts. </P>

Nick Toon - WR, Wisconsin - Tough receiver that in my mind plays a lot like Anquan Boldin, but not with the speed he use to have. </P>

Travis Benjamin - WR, The U - Blazing speed and would be an instant impact in the return game. Extremely small and would need to bulk up slightly, but is a serious game breaker. </P>

Vick Ballard - RB, Miss St. - Showed some real ability in the bowl win vs. Wake Forest. Runs with great power and flashes some good speed. </P>

Mike Daniels - DT, Iowa - Motor Motor Motor.....Guy was a disruptive force in the bowl game against Oklahoma. With proper coaching, he could be a great addition to the DL depth. </P>

Dan Persa - QB, Northwestern - tough QB with a winning attitude. He may fall in the draft due to him missing some time this season. But, the guy is a competitor and is a gritty performer. </P>

Aaron Henry - S, Wisconsin - Does a good job against the run, which we know the Giants need help with. But, can also provide quality depth now that Grant probably wont be back. </P>

Brandon Washington - OG, The U - All ACC in 2010, but then was moved to LT when Seantral Henderson went down with an injury. Washington struggled a little bit, he is born to be an OG in the NFL. Super nasty and super athletic. scouping this kid up in the 4-5 round would be stellar!</P>

01-05-2012, 06:18 PM
Good list... quite a few guys on there I have an eye on as well. Especially Benjamin, Provo and Ballard. I'd add:

BJ Cunningham - WR, Mich State - 6'2 215. Breaking records at MSU. 12th in CFB in total yards this year. Just finds a way to get open.

Jarius Wright - WR, Arkansas. Guy goes up against the best defenses in college football and still has over 1000 yards and averages over 16 yards/catch. Undersized, but has great speed and balance and can make some crazy catches. Tough guy as well. I think this guy will be a solid WR if not a star in the NFL. Would love to get him.

Olivier Vernon - DE, da U - The guy is a bit raw at the moment and should probably return his senior year, but he's got a great first step and a ton of upside. I think he could be a great pass rusher in time.

Dequan Menzie - CB, Alabama - guy came in as JUCO player with a torn achilles. He still ended up playing immediately and DOMINATING. Great cover guy, plays physical and great tackler in the open field. Starter for the #1 pass defense in the country. Good at blitzing and helping against the run. I believe he was a candidate for the Jim Thorpe award.

Danny Trevathan - LB, Kentucky - Great speed and knows how to be in the right place. All SEC. Has finished in the top 10 in CFB in tackles 2 years straight.

Marcus McGraw - LB, Houston - tackling machine. The end. Honestly, I really have no idea how this guy will pan out in the NFL. He plays in Conference USA which doesn't really impress much.

01-06-2012, 01:38 PM
WR Jordan white

01-06-2012, 05:11 PM
Im a big Miami fan, so maybe there is a little byass towards there program. With that said, if Sean Spence is hanging around in the 4-5 round, it would be seriously hard to pass up on him. He football IQ with the best, if not THE best in college football. If you watch film on him, you will notice that he is all over the field. His size will hurt him, but he is a smooth football player. </P>

01-07-2012, 12:19 PM
Marcus Forston, Vernon and Spence are all some Miami players I'd gladly take.

01-07-2012, 12:35 PM
Vinny Curry, Nate Potter, Matt Reynolds.

01-19-2012, 12:06 PM
Miami players tend to be overrated especially the ones who underachieved and have character issues.