View Full Version : Last Nights Title Game.... Who made themselves some Money!!

01-10-2012, 01:32 PM

Dre Kirkpatrick.... Played awesome and may have solidified his top 20 ranking</P>

Dequan Menzie.... really did a nice job shedding blocks and making plays in the backfield....</P>

Donte Hightower.... Impressive vision and shows the ability to rush the passer when needed. </P>

Courtney Upshaw.... he wont fit our defense... but he was all over the place!!! reminds me of Demarcus Ware.</P>

AJ McCarron... He he continues to progress, we are looking at a #1 overall pick. Good athlete and really showed the ability to throw the ball. </P>

Eddie Lacy... this may be the third great back to come out of Bama... he looks like a bigger Trent Richardson.</P>


Eric Reid..... Only person on defense that was making any plays... Good hitter smooth athlete.</P>

Odell Beckham.... True feshman and is the only receiving threat that LSU has...Ruben Randle (former 5star recruit has been a bust).</P>