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10-02-2011, 09:51 PM
As a die-hard Giants fan for well over 40+ years. I am starting this thread to let the Eli-haters eat their crow here and ask for forgiveness.</P>

Thankfully, most of my yaars as a Giants fan were withot Message Boards so I didn't have to hear or read ridiculous statements from some of the most pathethic Ginats fans (or trolls).</P>

Also unfortunately this Board has attracted a few pathethic Giants fans (or trolls) who have issues that not even their mother could appreciate.</P>

They hate our QB...even though his teams coincidently just happen to have had the best record in the NFC since he became our starting QB and he helped us win a SB.</P>

These are the type of people who only appreciate what they have 10+ years after its gone...due t their narrow-mindness and hatred.</P>

These are some of the worst Giants fan I have ever known...either that or the are actually Cowgirl or Eagles trolls who just come here to be negative.</P>

This thread is offered for them to come and profess their short-sightedness, their hatred, their sorrow, and to ask for forgiveness...</P>

If this work, please post at a more friendly place for you...here:</P>



10-02-2011, 09:52 PM
didnt I see one of these locked?

that forces me to lock this at least until I hear from another mod