View Full Version : A prediction from our 2007 victory:

01-24-2012, 08:42 AM
I was looking online at the list of Superbowl winners over the years, and remembered something I said right after the 2007-08 superbowl win. I actually think I created a thread on here about it during the mass chaos of threads after our win and joking was talking about it with people on here.</P>

If you remember in 1987, we won our first superbowl. It was the 1986 season, but the superbowl was in 1987. Then 4 years later, we won it all again in 1991, the 1990 season. </P>

As I was looking at the list of Superbowl winning teams, it hit me. </P>

I jokingly talked about how we would have to wait 4 more years till we won another superbowl, just like the 1987 / 1991 superbowl gaps... Well guess what, it is 4 years later after the 2008 superbowl, here in 2012. And we are back in the superbowl getting a shot at it.</P>

Just thought it was pretty crazy that I, along with others on here, predicted this 4 years ago. And it is one game from becoming a true.</P>

I think I did say it would be David Carr or J-Load playing QB for us though with Eli hurt, to make it more like our first 2 superbowls, but Ill take this. Eli is the Man. </P>

Go Giants.</P>

01-24-2012, 08:47 AM
lol but you didn't predict a rematch with the Pats... dang and I was gonna ask you for mega buck numbers! lol