01-26-2012, 07:54 AM
Well I got to watch the game again on nfl networks rewind. First off...WOW. What a battle. Two things I noticed: Jim Harbaugh is a skid mark. His crying and whining on the sidelines was actually funny. HOWEVER the bradshaw fumble call was iffy IMO. The whistle blows clearly AFTER the ball is coming out. We got one there for a change. That's the way it goes though. People make these HUGE deals about blown calls. Fact is, it's the nature of sports. I had Steeler fans over for the Greenbay game and after we missed out on that CLEAR AS DAY fumble, they were like, "man the fix is in". Still the GIANTS overcame the crapola calls...including the "roughing the passer" call on OSI which clearly was a clean hit ALL DAY LONG, and WON THE GAME. So my point is...the game is 60 minutes....play hard, overcome what you have to to WIN. The GIANTS did exactly that. Kyle Williams is not to blame for the loss. JAQ WILLIAMS should be credited for popping a wet ball out and making a great play. It goes both ways. KINDA LIKE CRAIG CARTOON on the FAN. This guy actually attributed our superbowl run to 5...yes FIVE plays. How can anyone who is a supposed EXPERT make such a dumb *** claim??? Its so pointless when a game is 60 minutes. Its like saying ...well if tom brady fumbled on that play, instead of throwing a TD he would have lost. SO DUMB. In any event here we go...back to the bowl and we EARNED the right to be there by playing very good football, and believing that we can beat ANYONE. GO BIG BLUE....bring it home for us AGAIN!!!

01-28-2012, 12:11 PM
The past is the past,New York Football Giants will win Superbowl 46!!! Jim Harbaugh should have been a Ryan fool!

01-28-2012, 04:54 PM
Before you criticize our coach you should at least acknowledge that he took us from 6-10 to the nfc championship game. let's face it, the guy knows how to coach. he is by leaps and bounds the coach of the year. We will be a team to reckon with in the future with our elite D.

the giants fans were screaming on wfan to get rid of coughlin and fewell over a month ago now, they want to give coughlin an open ended contract length.