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01-30-2012, 07:12 AM
First off, won $350 betting on #10 on Roulette (go Eli). Second, met a Colts team physician who will be working during the Superbowl next week (and held my first Superbowl ring...very cool!). Said their staff and team is 1,000% wanting Eli to win this game due to their hatred of the Pats. Would figure as much. Interestingly he said Peyton told him just this year that Eli is a future HOF'er, and that he hasn't nearly reached his peak "just wait and see". Then he said "We all know from watching Peyton and talking to him, he knows Eli will always rise to the top in big games." Was very cool talking to this guy who has helped Peyton throughout his career, and he did give info on Peyton's injury but I am not putting it out here for all to see; he just said do not believe all the media reports. Since he's one of the team physician for the Colts, he's working the SB as the medical liason and examines concussion patients. He said he'd be out there in a flash for any Giant injury, but get "a flat tire on the cart on the way out for a Patriot who is hurt" then winked. Thought that was pretty funny. He said we're very lucky to have such a great organization and the Colts owner has always looked up to the Giants as a class act.

01-30-2012, 07:30 AM
You know...I've heard a lot about Peyton and his injury and contract situations...but what I haven't heard is what is exactly wrong with Peyton. Until last night, I thought it was a problem with the neck that could cause him serious problems if re-injured. Now, I heard something that lead me to believe that the injured nerve/nerves are affecting his ability to put velocity on the ball.

Does anyone know what the real deal is?

01-30-2012, 12:43 PM
Here's one thing he said, again I'm not saying more since he asked us not to: Peyton wants to be able to toss his kids in the air and play with them and he can't even do that. He is NOT however his spinal surgeon or specialist, he merely reviews all his medical information and treatments in house.