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02-01-2012, 08:16 PM
Round 1 -</P>

Donta Hightower, ILB - Alabama.... Giants have "good" linebackers, not great. This kid has the ability to be great and for a long time.</P>

Lamar Miller, RB - The U.... This kid could turn out to be the gem of the draft. He is fast, patient and surprising power. Bradshaw can't carry the load all year and Jacobs is all but done.</P>

Dwayne Allen, TE - Clemson.... I happen to be a fan of Fleener, but Allen is by no means a player that you overlook. Giants need TE help badly and Allen can be an instant mismatch for Eli.</P>

Round 2 -</P>

Brandon Washington, OG - The U..... He is built to play Guard in the NFL. Did a great job his sophemore year and earn ALL ACC. Due to injury he was forced to move out to Tackle, where he struggled at times. </P>

Nick Toon, WR - Wisconsin.... Perfect WR for the Giants organization. He is a tough and gritty kid that is use to playing in the cold. Does a great job going over the middle and is a big target for Eli.</P>

Trumaine Johnson, CB/S - Montana..... Love this kids versitility... He can play CB and Safety and does it well. I know he played against 1-AA competition, but he was above and beyond a star on the field. </P>

Round 3 - </P>

Chandler Jones, DE - Syracuse.. I've been a huge fan of this guy for some time now. He doesnt get a lot of exposure at Syracuse, be he does a great job getting after the QB and is built like JPP. Also, his brothers are "Bones" Jones (UFC Champ) and Arthur Jones (DT, Ravens)... good gene's. </P>

Senio Kelemete, OG - Washington... Giants need to address the interior of the offensive line. Snee is solid, but DD and Petrus are expendable. If the Giants pass up on Washington in Rd. 2, they need to consider one in Rd. 3.</P>

Leonard Johnson, CB - Iowa State... Along the same lines of Kelemete. The Giants need to address the CB position and if they pass on Johnson in Rd. 2, they need to address it soon after. Johnson is a gamer and plays big. </P>

Round 4 -</P>

Mike Martin, DT - Michigan... Martin is a bully. Doesn't get pushed around all that much. Did a decent job getting the backfield, but did a better job plugging holes. Great choice for the Giants defense. </P>

Ladarius Green, TE - Louisiana Lafayette... Big specimen, with the athletism to bea serious mismatch for linebackers and safties. Not much of a blocker, but his offense contribution should not be overlooked. </P>

Vick Ballard, RB - Miss. State.... Juco transfer that put up good numbers for Miss. State. He had no offense around him, so opposing defenses game planned around him. He finished his senior year strong and blew up in the bowl game. </P>

Round 5 -</P>

Brandon Mosley, OT - Auburn... Mosley is a raw talent. Juco guy that played TE and DE before going to Auburn where he was thrown in at RT and did a pretty good job. His versility and athletism are attractive attributes.</P>

DeQuan Menzie, CB - Alabama..... overlooked guy that played fantastic this season. He does a wonderful job shedding WR blocks and making open field tackles. Must get if still there in Rd. 5</P>

Eric Page, WR- Toledo.... smaller guy that catches everything. He put up phenomenol numbers in the MAC and could be an instant play maker for Eli and the offense. </P>

Round 6 - </P>

Donte Paige-Moss, DE - North Carolina.... super talented guy that really got overplayed by Quinton Coples, but lets be real. Coples is a potential top pick in the NFL draft. Moss had times where he was great and then you didnt hear about him the rest of the game. Giants locker room is just what he needs.</P>

Case Keenum, QB - Houston.... we all know the numbers this kid put up and some part of the success has to be on pure talent. He maybe coming from a spread offense, but he wont be asked to play and he seems like a smart kid that can learn any offense.</P>

Jerrell Young, S - South Florida.... Giants need depth at Safety. Grant is gone and Sash needs someone to push him and make him better. Young is talented, but raw. Needs some solid coaching and mentoring.</P>

Round 7 - All about Value!</P>

Nick Provo, TE - Syracuse.... Good offensive player and the only offensive threat for Syracuse this past season. Good hands and good athletism. </P>

Janzen Jackson, CB/S - McNeese State.... remember him at Tennessee? I do! He was a flat out beast and all over the field. He has some issues and drug problems, so he left school and then was not welcomed back.</P>

Montell Harris, RB - Boston College.... had a bad injury this year and lost his season. One of the most talented RB's in the ACC before he got injured. </P>


02-01-2012, 09:21 PM
wie do not have our own 7th round pick. it was traded to MIN.
we may get a 6/7 pick for SSmith though.

in the 6-7 rounds i like Don Barclay-OT from WVU as depth and a Jersey kid Evan ROdriguez- TE/FB/H-B who i think can be a useful player.

JJackson may not be drafted.

02-02-2012, 10:45 AM
Actually, was it a 7th rounder or a 5th rounder that we gave up for Sage?</P>

Also, We should get more than a 7th round comp pick for SS and lets not forget that Coefield or Boss should provide a pick. The signing of David Baas should cancel one of them out. </P>

I would be happy with Rodriguez in the 6-7th round. Like you said he could be a usefull weapon and compare to a guy like Aaron Hernandez. Rounds 6 and 7 are crap shoots anyways and teams gamble on players that they feel could be a gem. i.e. Ahmad Bradshaw and Jacquan Williams. </P>

Jackson probably will not get drafted, but the guy is super talented and if he keeps his head on straight he could be a good player. </P>

02-02-2012, 01:07 PM
We are pretty much on the exact same page in this draft. You have listed just about all the guys I'm interested in. That is very rare as usually I seem to be on my own in draft targets.

Shockey is also one of my favorite players of all time, so maybe we're football twins. Cheers!

RagTime Blue
02-02-2012, 01:14 PM
I disagree that we need TE help very badly. I think it's being proven that Eli can make any average TE into an effective one. I think Oakland is finding out the hard way what made Boss so good (#10).

But if there's a STAR on the board when we pick, then heck yeah, let's grab him.

02-02-2012, 01:54 PM
I disagree that we need TE help very badly. I think it's being proven that Eli can make any average TE into an effective one. I think Oakland is finding out the hard way what made Boss so good (#10).

But if there's a STAR on the board when we pick, then heck yeah, let's grab him.

I disagree that you feel that we do not need a TE badly. Beckum isbetter off trimming down and becoming more of a Wideout. Ballard is a average at best.He is slow, average hands and presents no problems for opposing defenses. The only reason he was successful this year was because the WR's played phenomenol which allowed him to get open more. Dwayne Allen or Coby Fleener are absolute studs at TE and could be future All Pro's. </P>

Eli's career is peaking and the Giants need to continue to put the best talent around him to continue to be successful. Ballard will be a solid backup TE in this offense behind one of these guys. </P>