View Full Version : I keep hearing that just about everybody is picking the Giants. This could be a bad sign

02-02-2012, 06:00 PM
I'm getting sick and tired of hearing on the radio and TV that just about everybody is picking the Giants to win. When I hear this, I think of the Titanic (I call this the 'Titanic effect').

I wish there were more people picking NE...

02-03-2012, 07:35 PM

02-03-2012, 07:43 PM
Signs ? Black cats ? Magic numbers ? Bad omens ?
Anymore stupidstitious nonesense ??

02-03-2012, 07:44 PM
so does NE

Mr. Zolo
02-03-2012, 08:56 PM
I see this as everyone jumping on the bandwagon of the hot team right now. Where were they when the Giants lost to the Redskins and were 7-7?

As long as Giants fans believe the Giants will win, that's all that matters. You can feel nervous or uncomfortable because its the Patriots, but don't worry about where everyone else thinks.

02-03-2012, 09:09 PM
Look, I'm a Yankee fan, as well as a Giant fan. Forever, the Yanks owned the Sox. Then, there was a series, where the Sox lit up Mariano. Everyone, & I mean EVERYONE, in MLB totally feared Mariano. But now, not so much with Boston. Mariano is great, but a big part of his greatness is his mystique. "Mariano is coming in? Oh sh*t"; everyone, that is, except for Boston. They know that even though he's great, perhaps the greatest, they have owned him.

I think that's how the Giants feel about Tom Brady.

He IS great, but the Giants have owned him, and not by luck.

02-03-2012, 09:18 PM
DESTINY,ELI will lead the Giants to their fourth Lombardi Trophy!!! ALL IN GO G-MEN!