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02-06-2012, 12:22 AM
eli had a miracle throw and catch in 07 / brady had a similar try in this game to keep the drive alive. difference between eli and brady you ask? eli makes that play brady doesn't he gets picked instead!

BY A LINE BACKER LMAO thanks chase you were the unheralded hero this season

02-06-2012, 12:28 AM
I couldnt believe it when I saw who that defender was. Just great hustle and heart for the entire defense.

02-06-2012, 12:30 AM
im happy to have him back chase blackburn is a good mlb he deserves a shot to stay here next year

02-06-2012, 01:08 AM
And just to think... he was a substitute teacher a few months ago.

02-06-2012, 01:11 AM
Many QB's tried to copy Eli, but all failed.