View Full Version : Congratulations NY Giants...Great way to end a rough year

02-06-2012, 08:52 AM
We had Injuries right from the start, just pile up...</P>

We lost what we thought, were key contributors on offense to free agency and gained nothing during free agency except a center that no one will argue, is very spectacular, especially in run blocking.</P>

We suffered from the egos of our offensive and defensive coaches...and at some point in the season we all wanted their heads.</P>

To top off all that, we lost the benefit of off-season training due to the lockout (as did all teams).</P>


The benefit was that we had Tom Coughlin and a bunch of guys that didn't/wouldn't give it up and played like a team.</P>

We got such an unexpected Super Bowl opportunity and TC ultimately lead us to a victorious end!!! I love it!!!</P>

...But, I expect a better season next year since we will have an off-season program, Terrell Thomas will be back, Amukamara will have an opportunity to earn his role against great teammates. Beatty will be back, Ballard healthy?, Maybe we get a top quality LB in the draft or FA! I can't wait!!!</P>

See you when FA starts!</P>