View Full Version : the g men played hard!

02-06-2012, 11:42 AM
that was a hard fought tough it out game against a 15 n 3 football team! i cant help but remember these two exact memories of the game that if you rewatch this game i just ask all you fellow giant fans to maybe look out for, the first- linv joseph rush on brady that forced him into that interception and also r benard fighting to get to brady. and the last would be the last play of the game- bradys hail mary- look how hard jpp is fighting to get to brady! the giants are the toughest hardest best coached team i have ever seen. parcells teams were this way but these dudes are off the charts! NOW I GO THE PARADE! THANK YOU NY GIANTS YOU ARE THE BEST! AND WE COULDNT BE MORE PROUD TO BE FANS OF A TRUE TEAM!