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02-06-2012, 02:09 PM
First time poster so here I go. After watching superbowl 42 the night before my exams I figured I was taking a risk. Not getting enough sleep for the next morning or being majorly disappointed. Never in my life have I shouted at a tv, prayed, got on my knees, heart beating faster than a bugatti. After the victory, i said Giants. Do not give me this type of heart ache again. Low and behold they did not listen which brings me to superbowl 46.

After the safety which was followed up by a touchdown and some great punting by Weatherford...honestly there should be a mvp award for ST along with a game MVP. He deserved it. After the touchdown I felt great. But slowly. I became worried. Silly play calling. Team looked like they didnt want it. after controlling the clock for the first half and go in behind with the pats getting the ball back. I felt something bad was going to happen. PAts come out. March down and score. Our offense as throughout the season stalled in the 3rd Q. with beckum going down to a torn acl was a big blow. However. Seeing Ballard go down and trying to give it one last shot running up and down the sidelines and see him go down. I felt terrible for the guy. I was like. This guy wants it. Do the rest of the team want it. From there I figured we could go on and win it. rather or not Bradshaw should of stopped and kick a field goal was the best option we will never know. Tuck stepped up. The whole team stepped up. Everyone was ALL IN. I have never hugged my brother for as long as I did last night. May have not been a clear cut victory some were predicting. But we are WORLD CHAMPS BABY!. BELIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE THAT

03-03-2012, 08:51 PM
wow nothing about ELI?

03-04-2012, 04:26 PM
wow nothing about ELI?

Eli? Heh, he isn't even top 100 in the league, remember?