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It seems that when I don't expect anything from this team they overachieve bigtime.Face it,in 07 after the 0-2 start and uneven season even the most optimistic fan couldn't have seen that run coming.This season,longtime fans like myself saw some of the worst defensive play ever by a Giants defense at times.But late,when the D-line got healthy and added Blackburn we could see the light at the end of the tunnel.When the playoffs started I felt we were dangerous.We had a punchers chance.Like Rocky,we hit hard but would we be able to stop getting hit so much.When I look back 2 things turned the D around.The D-line got healthy and Blackburn returned.He solidified a weak lb corp.Allowed Boley to move back outside.Solid in the middle against the run and a decent cover guy for a MLB.Hey,when was last time you saw a MLB intercept a 50 yard pass?Sure,Hernandez beat him for a Td but no MLB can be expected to cover him 1 on 1 in that situation.The point is that he doesn't blow coverages.Earlier this season all we saw was blown coverages.And since he returned as special teams captain our punt and kick coverages have improved immeasurably.Hey,even # 22 made a big play on an onside kick instead of being flagged for 2 illegal blocks on the same punt.Remember that play?Blackburn solidified the D and special teams.And Weatherford is a younger version of feagles,a great directional punter with a bigger leg who pinned the Pats deep 3 times.Even that touchback landed at the 7 and a Giant was in position at the 2 to down it.Can't ask for more.Finally,there's Eli.He'll never put up ridiculous reg season td-interception ratios like Brady or Rodgers.you know,40 tds,5 interceptions.hey last yrs 25 picks was a disaster and he had 16 this yr.But he is as good a big game quarterback as i've ever seen and when the playoffs start those picks stop.Brady,Peyton,Farve,rodgers,even Montana occasionally can or could be rattled when they get roughed up.Nothing rattles Eli as the 9er game proved.He took more punishment in that game than Brady took all season combined.Peyton never gets hit.Rodgers is so mobile.Farve,well he's just a turnover machine and the most overrated QB of all time.Montana is the best QB ever in my opinion but I saw the LT giants beat him up into ineffective performances numerous times.Remember 15-13 and 49-3?Eli possesses a toughness that many of the alltime greats don't.Big game.Eli or Peyton?Or Brady?He outplayed Rodgers.Farve?i'll take Simms over him.Montana,ok,thats a choice.But if you're playing against a dominant defense that's gonna hit your QB alot I might take Eli.You heard the term "take him off his spot" alot discribing what the Giants needed to do to Brady.Late in the game when he started to get hit he wasn't the same.20 for 23 finishes 27 for 41.that's 7 of 18 late,a couple drops.that welker pass wasn't great.Does Eli have a spot?He's fearless.And his recievers catch the ball.Rodgers guys didn't.Welker didn't.Tyree and Manningham did.If Welker does and our guys don't we don't win these 2 superbowls.If the Giants don't blow the Eagles game last yr the Packers don't even make the playoffs.Alot of things have to go right to win a championship if You're not a dominant team,ala 85 Bears.Alot of things went right for us in both Super Bowl runs.Cruz fumbles at the 5.12 men on the field.Bradshaw and Nicks fumble,we recover though outnumbered.Thank you football gods.Ball hits Williams knee.Williams fumbles in overtime.Romo misses a wide open reciever.Down 7-3 from our 1,Cruz goes 99.Magical.JPP blocks 2nd cowboys field goal attempt.We walked a fine line this yr where had any of these plays among others not gone our way we wouldn't be 2012 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS.Bill Leavy aside,the football gods were with us and I thank them.Finally,Jerry Reese,I'll never doubt you again.Go ahead,draft a DE in the 1st round next yr.everyone else will start copying you.Remember when he drafted JPP?Really,a DE? I hope he pays Osi.Playmakers like that are few and far between and he deserves it.Jacobs,thanks for the memories and good luck.Manningham will be a tough decision.We need a RB in the draft.Maybe Reese got lucky with Cruz and Ballard,but,as I've pointed out,we're a lucky team.AND WERE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS AGAIN!Now that I've shared my thoughts with my Giant bretheren I'm gonna log onto WIP sportsradio in Philly to listen to Eagle fans reactions.Oh baby,I can't wait.To the victor go the spoils.We,as Giants fans,have been blessed a 2nd time in 4 yrs.some called 08 a fluke.Flukes,by definition,are one time events.This validates both championships.Lucky,maybe.Champions,definitely.Flu ke-we ended that talk.And unlike philly, the worst fans in the league,we never turned on this team.Sure,we were unhappy at times but we never booed them off the field or chanted Coughlin must go like in Philly.Or beat up Visiting teams fans.Or threw snowballs at santa.The football gods were with us again.The best result of any season is the Giants winning it all.Absent that,as long as the eagles don't win it I'll live.The Cowboys winning would bother me but living at the jersey shore 60 miles from Philly for 25 yrs I've developed an intense dislike for the eagles and thier fans.The Jets,well,I was 12 in 69 and loved namath.I was a Giants fan but routed for the Jets too.I still do.There never has been a big rivalry to me.The Jet's were always my second team.When I grew up you got 2 games on sunday.The Giants and the Jets.II grew up 10 miles from the meadowlands.I'm giants,yankees,rangers,knicks,jets...not Cowboys,Packers,lakers.Didn't jump on the bandwagon of out of town winning teams.Don't get that.Maybe the fact that I didn't have friends who were Jet fans to annoy me around 1970 into making a choice between the 2 is why i still like the jets also.In 69,as a Yankee fan I loved the Met's winning.By 73,my 3 best friends as Met fans had made me a Met hater.That never happened with the Jet's.I know,who cares.I just write this to those who can't understand how a giant fan can also like the Jets.It's not the team you learn to hate,it's the teams fans.Ergo,my hatred of the Eagles.Get it?Ok,I've vented.What a glorious day.

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Anybody who has the patience to actually read through that has an immediate job babysitting my kids.

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Guardplay that's hilarious.

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guardplay-i agree.But These 2 sentence posts that abound on this board bring nothing to the table.If you did read my entire post I think I said alot of things that serious fans could chew on.I guess I'm just a frustrated WFAN listener who wishes he could get a couple of minutes onair to say these things to the blowhard Francesa.I just started posting here in the last couple weeks and if you look at my posts they are all serious,long and detailed.I'm a serious fan.Yeah,this post was long.I had alot to say.Agree.disagree.Ok.I'm not a 150 charactor twitter guy.If it takes patience to read a serious detailed post about the Giants I wonder why you're here.Morbid,you replied with ?.really.Did I say something you didn't understand.Read it.Comment on it.I'm not a regular internet poster or chat board guy.But this post brought alot to the table to discuss.As a sports fanI'm much more inclined to read the long newspaper column vs the USA TODAY digest.I'm curious,did I say something you actually disagree with?Before the game I wrote long posts discussing Weatherford and Blackburn and the Giants blueprint on stockpiling pass rushers.I don't understand why a serious fan would make fun of a post that,unlike most posts here,really brings something to chew on and maybe even get a "good point" thought from the reader or even a "thats stupid" if you disagree.But patience?Listening to an Obama speech where he says the same thing you've heard every time takes patience.Reading a long post, hopefully intelligent,about the Giants should be what you're looking for here.