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  1. Exactly...I love our Giants and don't know everything and when you have some younger dude try to embarrass you or otherwise discredit you, well this is only the internet after all. Miss you and the "old crew" from AGFHC thread, hope your 2016 has blessed you thus far as well.
  2. Hey, GY... Wow, it's been a long time. I am also in and out. Don't like to bicker with all the young guys who are so sure they're right all the time.
    I hope you're doing well. I was enjoying the Asian thread there for a long time.
    Hang tough and be well.
  3. Hi Zim...I hope you are still on the boards. Anyway I float in and out of here from time to time and just wanted to drop you a line and say "Hey." So, "Hey."
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