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  1. I am actually LOL. Playing some madden 13. Do you play?
  2. Take a break bro!
  3. That's OD ******ed..... Wow, alright... that's unfortunate. I haven't been able to go online much today because I've been swamped with schoolwork. I'll be better tomorrow, posting at work.
  4. Ok, I'm freaking confused.
    I asked one of the mods can I have my old username back right?
    So he told me that YoImRudy would be permanently gone, and I was like ok.
    So I refresh the page and I'm logging in. When I go to login to Rudyy, it won't freaking work. So I wanted I went to register and it said the name Rudyy was already in use. So I I clicked forgot password and I get some email about some username named So this is the only one that is working. I see the Rudyy down below on your messages that I requested, but it won't take my password >.>
  5. What happened to YoImRudy??
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