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  1. I would if I could to be honest. I hate her after only 1 day!
  2. Yo, just run your professor over.

  3. I actually got caught up with something. My accounting professor wants us to download these financial statements to a flash drive
  4. Actually, I know for a fact I'll be there. Can't miss Giants football for anything
    And of course my dear darling friend Moke haha.
    Enjoy the game!...I wish I could >.<
  5. No idea, even though the graphics are awesome. Sounds good then!
  6. That's so stupid. Who told them to do thatttt.
    And yes, I'm definitely going to try to get on.
  7. They replaced it with "pick a coach" and "pick a player" where you pcik a coach of a team (you can play the whole season with that team) or pick a player(where you play only as the selected player) and that's it. SUCKS major ***, but whatever.

    are you going to be in the live chat tomorrow? I might get my reading done, so I'll probably be available to watch the game and be on that chat for a little while.
  8. Wtf? why would they take away franchise mode?
  9. That sucks! I hate it only because they pretty much did away with the whole franchise mode. I loved franchise mode because I loved playing with all the teams in one saved game. Now I have to start a "career mode" with a different coach every friggen team.
  10. I would, but my stupid brother took all the game consoles with him to school >.> so he's the one that's probably playing it.
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