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  1. That correlation may work for you and it's an easy way to type-cast a person you've never met and classify them as "the person you despise," but it is an extremely narrow view of a person that is trying to change another's behavior. I was making a suggestion that the thread get locked because of my opinion on the matter (that it was no laughing matter). I don't think automatically makes me a person that believes their standards to be greater than others.

    Man, this whole conversation comes at an ironic time. You got upset in the thread about Rodgers because I assumed that you thought he deserved to be robbed. I apologized for that assumption. However, you offer no such apology when you assume that I think my moral code is "above" others, even though I have said no such thing.

    It's funny, the person I despise is the one who interprets a difference of opinion as an assertion that their own beliefs are inferior.

    I'm thinking you and I should stick to talking about the Giants.
  2. For future reference.....when you are trying to change someone's behavior based on your own moral are implying that your standards are above theirs. And I despise that type of person.
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