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  1. damn bro
    you may want to contact the Jay Fund facebook page

    I wish there was more I could do at the present time

    prayers to his family

    let me know how things work out

    but definitely contact Jay Fund
  2. she just left house it dont look good ... just let me know how i can contact nyg ,,,,,pat hanlon...
  3. a typed his mom was talking about make a wish so he is at that point ... he lives in glen cove....he has awebsite... his family started... and is probally at the point . wont see the nest christmas it ...seems i pray he does it will be rough
  4. need some help if can can i get or be told route to go for a kid stage 3 cancer big hiants fan.... i know pat hanlon butt what best bet call email or message its a family friend kid gre up with my daughters and is going through all tytpes of kemo and stuff its allmost at the point or may be to make a wish butt the parents may not ask
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