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  1. I got no problem voicing my opinion. Nor do I care what other people think. Osi sucks. of course he allways had his strips. Too bad there isnt a stat that shows number of plays he didnt have any positive effect on. then we could make a judgement. would be something like, over his 129 games played, had 75 sacks, stopped the run a few times, was totally taken out of or ineffective, or ran right at or over 873 times. Comon man. he sucks. and always had another stud on other side. but this is my opinion right.. Dumbest post on board by far does not belong to me man. So your saying we wouldnt have won our last two super bowls without him? Like he was such a staple to our defense? Mabybe to be fair I shouldv said "we could have had a chance to have won both without him". Not so dumb for ya?
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