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More Gary Myers and the Daily News Just Making **** Up

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    Originally posted by CGYgiant View Post

    What.l...youíre talking about back channel agreements?

    Yes. Even if the Giants dont think thats proper business - its reality and it happens league wide


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      Originally posted by bigblue58 View Post

      Yes. Even if the Giants dont think thats proper business - its reality and it happens league wide
      I canít argue with that, but doesnít back channel mean NOT for public knowledge?
      There isnít supposed to be a job offer for him to accept until the Pats are done playing!

      "I'M ALL FOR IT!"

      John McKay, HC of the 1976 winless TB Buccaneers, when asked by a reporter, how McKay felt, about the execution of his offense.


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        Gary Meyers' Source is Paul Schwartz.

        Paul Schwartz's Source is Gary Meyers.


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          Originally posted by YATittle1962 View Post

          I am told by a very trusted source that the Giants offered Matt Patricia the job and his people have not even responded

          he was their number one choice

          neither he nor McDaniels are interested in inheriting Eli

          ownership and Gettleman have egg on their face right now

          thousand bucks says they deny every bit of this when asked about it in a few weeks to try to save face ... and feed us a can of bull**** about how Shurmur was the guy all along
          Makes sense to me. Considering how easy it is to get fired as a HC I would not want to come here given the other options available. Detroit and Tennessee in particular are attractive options.

          Even-keeled Shurmur might end up being the right choice in the end. But that misses the point. The point is that the Giants had a candidate they loved and wanted and he told them to pound sand. I wonder when is the last time this org had a similar experience, if ever.

          In the end, at least I like Pat Shurmur. He isn't what they stated they were looking for, but he is a good coach. If a young QB comes into the picture during his tenure the kid will be coached up extremely well.

          The only real loss in this situation is Patricia. I don't believe there was any real interest in McDaniels - no more than Shurmur anyway - but you would know better than me.

          But I am now waiting for the fireworks to start when Shurmur keeps Spagnuolo as his DC.

          The more things change, the more they stay the same.