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  • The Dictator

    Anyone else see this? Just watched it last night ("Banned and unedited" version).

    Over all, pretty much what I expected and had some pretty funny parts in it. One thing though, that movie COMPLETELY ruined Ana Faris' hotness for me. So beware.

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    I've always hated Ana Faris, starting from Scary Movie movies. But yeah, the Dictator was pretty funny. I still think that helicopter scene was hilarious


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      It was ok. I thought there would be more pranks on real people and celebs like Borat and Bruno.


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        The helicopter scene was the best.
        Also, I'm pretty sure he wanted to do something different than Borat and Bruno this time, since he really can't get away with it anymore.

        Kind of like the jackass guys, could never really prank real people these days since they are just way too familiar. That's why in the past couple movies they either used heavy makeup when they did to pranks, or just did dangerous/disgusting stunts with each other instead


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          I got about halfway through it and got bored of it. I liked Borat and Bruno though.