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Welcome to Entertainment PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST

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  • Welcome to Entertainment PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU POST

    Hello all:

    The Mod team has made the decision to turn the Video Game forum into an Entertainment Discussion Forum. Here, you can talk about music, movies, video games, latest technology gadgets (ie iPod touch...) and other forms of entertainment. We decided to this because it is the offseason and we felt it would be good to have something other than free agents and draft prospects to talk about.

    Here are the general rules for this forum

    - DO NOT POST LINKS TO ILLEGAL WEBSITES. If you post a link to a site where you can download stuff illegally, the thread will be deleted and you will get a vacation. This is your warning.

    - Do not post links to potentially offensive comic routines. I know that some of you guys think that stuff is funny, but any racial, ethnic, or other offensive comedy should not be here

    - Don't spam

    - Don't avoid the language filter

    - Do not advertise or sell stuff on here. No auction links either. I don't care if you are auctioning your iPod or a CD. DO NOT POST IT HERE

    - No racial or ethnic slurs

    - Do not cyberbully an individual and try to belittle that person. Calling someone and "idiot" or a "moron" is not bannable.

    - Like in TAGF if you post a story, you need to provide a link, well, in here you need to provide a link too. You can't make a thread that says "Green Day's new album coming out in May" without a link to provide it. It's easy to search for something. You are on your computer anyway when you read the story, so just copy and paste the link in your post

    - POLITICAL DISCUSSION IS NOT ALLOWED. This includes links to politically charged humor, such as Jib Jab cartoons, YouTube videos, etc...

    - Regarding movie posts. If you are gonna make a post about a movie you've seen and others may have not seen it (ie: a big summer blockbuster), that's fine. Just make sure that if your post includes a disclaimer that says it includes spoilers

    Also, if you are in a band, feel free to post some of your material on here to get some exposure. Just a plug for your group. Don't sell stuff on here because that is a violation of the advertising rule.


    Mod Team