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    [quote user="JPizzack"][quote user="MattMeyerBud"][quote user="JPizzack"]

    [quote user="MattMeyerBud"]
    Hightower going down actually makes Helu more valuable in my opinion actually

    wtf, no **** sherlock....</p>

    btw, what are you even talking about!? Helu had 1 carry last week. -1 yard lol</p>

    or maybe it was his impressive 6 yard performance against the eagles?</p>

    or perhaps the week before their bye where Torain had 135 yards and a score, and Helu had 8 carries?</p>

    I dont know where youre getting your stats from, but they appear to be made up Matt.</p>


    its all about being on the field. 33 snaps to 3 snaps

    Torain will not be the guy there, book it. I already took u guys through the Hightower situation and I was right

    huh? what Hightower situation? That he would be the starter? yea we all knew that &gt;.&lt;

    I dont get your point....

    There are only 2 things that will happen, and they both start with Torain taking the majority of the carries. 1 he's good...
    2, he's decent, but then it becomes a total time share. in which case I'm sure you'll declare yourself winner of this debate because that's your style.</p>[/quote]

    i am talking about this:

    First everybody tried to say that Torain took Hightowers job vs StL, but that wasn't hte case. Hightower got hurt at half and then they let Torain run. He did relaly good... vs one of the most pitiful run defenses in recent history.

    The following week Hightower was still hurt, but wasn't listed as that pregame. Everybody was saying how Torain took his job. As I stated, that wasn't the case, I siad he was just hurt and probably wouldn't play that week and I was right. We found out after the game that Hightower did suit up but they didn't play him because of his shoulder. And for the record Torain played ANOTHER pitiful run defense in Philly and he had 10 rushes for 22 yards.

    NOW people like Pappy and Daven think that its official and Hightwoer lost the job, so what happens this past weekend? Hightower tears it up and then unfortunately gets hurt. Helu gets most of the work at RB, whether it was carries, blocking, or running pass routes. I mean Torrain got on the field FIVE ****ING TIMES. Not to mention Shanahan has been trying to work Helu in ALL year. He was even trying to do it while Hightower was doing good! Infact, I think thats what lost them the game vs Dallas.

    And what I meant by saying Helu is more valuable now that hightower is down, is I mean I think he will be more valuable than even Hightower was. He will DEF be more valuable than Torain. Keep in mind, this is the first RB that Shanahan drafted himself. Keep in mind they drafted him and traded for Hightower knowing of Torain's success. Shanahan has zero faith in Torain.



      [quote user="JPizzack"]

      [quote user="MattMeyerBud"]twitter just fooled me

      so i'm on the ****ter going through my twitter and Desmond Clark posts a link: CHICAGO OFFERS TERRELL OWENS A CONTRACT

      so I rush my **** and get to the computer and pick him up in two of my leagues (including ours) then I hope the actual link and itwas the Chicago Rush - their arena tema or whatever they are


      you got trolled....and it was awesome trolling. isn't twitter amazing?!</p>

      lolololol, **** twitter</p>[/quote]

      twitter is the greatest****in thing ever info wise.

      I just blew it. Im just more upset that i hurried my ****ting process up



        i think the bparcells poster is bleedinblue62



          Deny everything. Admit nothing. Make counter accusations.


          • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

            Every Giant but Koets practiced today. Prince, Boley, Hynoski, Jacobs, Tuck and Osi went through limited practice #NYG


            • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

              [quote user="Morehead State"][/quote]

              well i just peeked at their credibility not bad

              Lets take a look at who they said to start last week:

              Matt Cassel - 161yards 2 int - MISS
              Tim Tebow - Hit
              Murrey - HIT
              Sanzenbacher - 2 Receptios 13 yards MISS
              Fred Davis - HIT

              who to sit:

              Brandon Lloyd - 6 for 75 - MISS
              McGahee - 18 for 78 yards before gettin injured - MISS
              Heyward Bay - 5 for 89 - MISS
              Hardesty - 122 total yards MISS
              Stakrs - 99 total yards- MISS

              30% last week, good reference



              • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                lets make predictions about who they are right about this week

                They say play:

                Torrain - I obviously DISAGREE
                Beck - I DISAGREE
                Pierre Thomas - I agree
                A Brown - Agree
                Mario - DISAGREE

                they say sit
                Browns RBs - agree
                Reggie Wayne - DISAGREE
                Seattle RBs - always agree, i'd never play a Seattle back
                Fitz- DISAGREE
                denver WRs - DISAGREE, D Thomas may start breaking out

                this week I say they are 40%


                • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                  [quote user="MattMeyerBud"]D Thomas may start breaking out



                  • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                    <div class="report">

                    Amid speculation that he's playing hurt, Philip Rivers insisted Wednesday that he's "as healthy as I've been through six weeks."</p>
                    <div class="impact">
                    Rivers just hasn't been himself, and we wouldn't be
                    surprised if after the season it's revealed he suffered an injury in
                    training camp or the preseason. His velocity is down, possibly due to a
                    problem with one of his legs. Rivers has seven touchdown passes and
                    nine interceptions through six games. He should comfortably be
                    considered a QB2 until he picks it up. If he ever does.


                    • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                      “Couple people upstairs might not want me, but who cares? They’ve probably never played football,”
                      Samuel said, via “It’s a business and they run it like a
                      business and they’re going to do what they need to do. They’re playing
                      with a lot of money, playing fantasy football, doing their thing.”</p>

                      Asked if he meant Roseman and Banner, Samuel said: “Howie and Joe? I
                      don’t know, do they fit the comment I made? There ya go. You think
                      they’re upstairs playing fantasy football with the owner’s money?”</p>

                      Samuel wasn’t happy that the Eagles were reportedly interested in trading him.</p>

                      “That sucks, doesn’t it?” Samuel said. “Each trade deadline for your
                      name to be flying around and you’re supposed to be the leader of this

                      Samuel said he has no problem with Eagles coach Andy Reid, but he questions whether Reid is in charge.</p>

                      “I think there’s a little power struggle around here,” Samuel said.
                      “But it’s all good. Like I said, me and Andy cool. I’m here to play for
                      Andy. He’s my head coach and that’s all that matters. . . . Everything
                      has been good with me and Andy. That’s my guy. That’s who I play for,
                      that’s who I continue to play for. I go to war for Andy.”</p>


                      • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                        <font color="blue">Torain has managed just 17 yards on 12 carries since his 135-yard game at St. Louis in Week 4..

                        <font color="#000000">The Rams can make anyone look like Gale Sayers...</font>


                        • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                          <div class="report">

                          Andre Johnson wasn't nearly as optimistic as
                          Texans coach Gary Kubiak when discussing the health of his surgically
                          repaired hamstring Wednesday.</p>
                          <div class="impact">
                          Johnson revealed that he felt "tugging" in the leg
                          when he was trying to run at full speed, indicating that the hamstring
                          isn't healed. "I wouldn’t say I felt great (today)," Johnson said. "I
                          didn’t feel how I expected I would feel. ... If I feel the way I feel
                          today, I probably won’t play Sunday. But, you know, today is not
                          Sunday." The Texans face the Jaguars in Week 8.


                          • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                            <h1 class="title-news">

                            Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Explain The
                            Pumpkin Patch Incident (VIDEO)

                            <div class="chicklets_box_outter_v05">

                            <div class="chicklets_box_inner_v05">


                            Did you hear about The Great Pumpkin Incident of 2011? </p>

                            This past weekend child bride Courtney Stodden, and her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison got booted from a pumpkin patch in the Santa Clarita Valley. </p>

                            The now infamous couple decided to explain exactly what went down last weekend to Dr. Drew Pinsky on "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers." </p>

                            Hutchison explained that he and his 17-year-old wife went to pick out
                            some pumpkins, but they were kicked out because of Courtney's racy
                            attire. Courtney interjected while slurring her words:</p>

                            "The women, the women were coming up to the manager and complaining
                            .... because of the kids," she said while making air quotes with her

                            "There were actually a lot of people there who were enjoying it. They
                            wanted to take pictures with us, and we overheard a Dad say to his
                            little girl, 'Oh look honey, they have a pumpkin patch girl this year,"
                            Doug explained. "So a lot of the kids thought that she was like this
                            pumpkin patch princess. And there was a handful of "concerned moms" who
                            went to the owners and said 'get her out.'" </p>

                            Courtney interrupted to explain that those same moms were hypocrites: </p>

                            "Their cleavage was hanging out quite a bit," she said. </p>

                            If you can't get enough of the couple you can watch the full interview when it airs on Nov. 7th.


                            • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                              LT i have no idea who any of those people are, or why this is news &gt;.&lt;
                              Oderint Dum Metuant

                              It's too bad, I'm too good....


                              • Re: THEE GAME IS vs THE BUFFALO BILLS ON OCT 16th!

                                [quote user="bigblue4417"][quote user="MattMeyerBud"]D Thomas may start breaking out