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    Originally posted by JPizzack View Post
    It was amazing regardless. And like I said, the amount of award nominations alone speaks for how everyone feels about it. lol
    Awards mean nothing, its all Hollywood politics.


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      Originally posted by myles2424 View Post
      1.The movie was about slavery,if the N word in a movie about slavery bothers you, then your looking to find something wrong with the movie in the first
      place, or your a white person that didnt feel comfortable sitting through a movie that has white people depicted as cruel heartless people....

      2.Its a tarrentio movie, if your not a fan of his, dont watch this flick....His movies are supposed to be controversial & over the top....

      3.This is literally based on the history of this country & these things actually happend....If these harsh realities bother your or make you feel uncomfortable
      then im sorry, this movie shows some of the terrible things that happend during slavery, if it more realistic then infact the N word shouldve probably been
      used even more....
      Originally posted by myles2424 View Post being Nigerian American is irrelevant,I was not replying to your statement in pAticular...I was broadly responding to people that critizied the movie...2.the Mandingo fights are a small part of the movie & seem to be the only thing without any historical truth...
      In all of your comments/assumptions you used the word "you". And you made those comments/assumptions while responding to some of my posts. If you were just making very broad comments then fine. They're still very presumptious IMO. But It sure sounded like you were replying to me.


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        Saw it yesterday and it was phenomenal. Don't see the hate at all. Great acting, hilarious at times, and had my eyes glued the whole time.


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          Originally posted by dezzzR View Post
          Awards mean nothing, its all Hollywood politics.
          lol aint that the truth. It's all such a joke.


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            I heard it was good but I also keep here about Jamie foxx's dong
            The Gigalo with the most below