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Odell Body Language During Interviews?

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  • Odell Body Language During Interviews?

    Top of the morning!
    Have you watched the interviews videos posted on
    I watched several interviews including Manning, Sheppard, Macadoo and Odell. Have you seen them?
    How do you compare Odell's body language, responses, mannerisms and facial expressions to the other aforementioned pros?. I saw him Leaning on the front of the podium, rubbing his eyes, hair his face and what could be construed as "smirking" .
    This guy is a world class player and phenomenal athlete but if you ask me (no one did ask me by the way), I think Odell has some work to do in the way he presents himself and represents himself. Granted none of this technically matters on the field but certainly may be indicative of the "maturity" improvements stipulated by Reese.
    Do I really care? As long as he scores on Sunday......

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    I think that we all need to step back and stop hyper-analyzing everything OBJ does and says ....


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      I don't see the big deal.
      The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.


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        I agree with TCHOF
        We all that we got!